"My Pump"

Okay… so… I rewrote “My Humps” by Black Eyed Peas to be “My Pump”. If you listen to the song… it basically goes along with the recording. I’ve only done some of it. But… here it is so far… (Oh, and it’s specifically about the omnipod pump)

What you gonna do with all those tubes, all them tubes up in your pump?
I’mma gonna get get get them out. Throw them out and get that lump!
My pump, my pump, my pump, my pump, my pump, my pump… my lovely little lump!
Check it out!

I didn’t really need ‘em.
wanted good ‘ole freedom.
it treats me really nicely.
lets me eat my icees.
minimed and cozmo
animas is so-so.
omni, i am sharing
is what you gon’ catch me wearing.
brotha, i ain’t wantin’
you to give up pumpin’.
omnipod - way of livin’
i say “more” and it keeps givin’.
so, i keep on takin’.
no, i ain’t a fakin’.
my pod is always makin’.
my wallet always rakin’.

My pump, my pump, my pump, my pump, my pump, my pump, my pump
you know you want this pump! my pump has got you…

It’s got me living (oh!)
living with no cords on you and lovin’ life, don’t you?

Awesome! That was very well done! LOL

it flows pretty well :slight_smile:
good job!

you crack me up, love it!

HAHAHAHAHAHH:) this is amazingggg. love it!

That is soo good. I’m about to go to bed - and guess what is going to be running thru’ my head - My Hum Pump - with your words to it!!!