My very 1st pump

so i’m more then excited since it my 1st pump. here is my new OmniPod it already on me. Insulet send an instructor to my home to teach
me how to fill, etc. so far i love it. but are there any tips on this ??.


Looks great. Congrats on the new pump!!!

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Congrats on joining the ranks of the Pod People!

I’ve got some tips for you, but right now I’m typing with one hand because I’m stuffing my face with flan, so the tips will have to wait a little…

Stylin! Are those yoga pants? kidding-- I can tell you’re excited about it and hope it works out great for you.

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Congrats, @erice. No Omnipod tips, I use another pump. I think pumping is a great convenience. Keep a close eye on your blood sugar numbers since you have no long acting insulin in your system, you can get into trouble sooner.


rubbing it in huh??? LOL. Sounds good.

Mike, no, I wasn’t rubbing it in. I was simply stating a fact.

But, “Umm-ummmmmmmm. Sounds of lips smacking in an attempt to halt the copious amounts of orgasmic drool trying to escape my delighted mouth.” is rubbing it in! :yum:

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yoga pants. yes i do yoga. but i stop after i hit my mom in the face. & thanks for telling me about that terry4.

Eric, stop abusing your mother! She takes good care of you! :laughing:

I’ll start a list of OmniPod tips by telling you something I learned recently (after I thought I knew all the tricks in the book):

When it’s time to change your Pod, place the new Pod flat side down during the priming step. This can help mitigate or even eliminate the post-Pod-change highs my daughter usually gets when she primes her Pod in the “regular” flat side up position.

More to come.

I’m so happy for you, Eric! I remember how excited my daughter and I were when she got her pump. Right up there with getting a pony for your birthday! :racehorse:

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Too tired to tell you tips right now BUT I want to tell you why I love it…
It’s the ability to suspend basal when you’re out and about and go into a hypo. As you probably know by now, you can suspend it from 1/2 hour to 2 hours, time to get some food or glucose into you. Start to feel better then just resume delivery.
Hope you’re happy with it and that it works well! :grinning::relieved:

thanks for the tip. & it was my bad. for when i hit her in the face. & flan now i want some. & i did just suspend it from ever 1 hour. so i can eat.

Congratulations on the new pump! I hope it helps make your life easier and better.

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You were low, right? That’s the only reason to suspend it, when your BG is low and you can feel it falling. Then the food kicks in and you can resume.

Anyway, it’s 12:08 ET and I’m ready to crash. GoodNight!:sleeping::zzz:

Sorry, Eric, if I had known you were craving flan, I would have saved you some. But it’s all gone now. That huge rectangle of the best and smoothest genuine Mexican flan made by the wonderful non-English-speaking genuine Mexican Hispanic folks who work at our local Muchas Gracias! eatery is lying in my happy tummy right now. It will likely be replaced by yet another chunk-o’-flan tomorrow evening and every evening thereafter until my “flan phase” is over. When you come down for a visit, I will get you your very own chunk-o’-flan if you promise to stop hitting your mother! <—This space is where I would have placed a flan emoticon if I could have found one just to make sure your mouth is watering. :smiling_imp:

After eating flan, you should definitely NOT suspend your pump. So there’s another OmniPod tip for you!

I had no ideal what the hell flan was until you just prompted me to look it up-- aside from knowing that I feed my chickens their food in a “flan pan,” I believe I had never heard of it

Sam, you MUST have some genuine Mexican flan before you die, or you will not have truly lived! Is it legal to mail flan across “state” lines to Alaska? Perhaps you can track down some genuine Mexican folks who can make you some genuine Mexican flan… If not, feel free to hit me up! In the meantime, I’ll try to figure out how to securely package an extra-large chunk-o’-flan you can share with your family.

There are very few “genuine Mexicans” cooking anything anywhere near here… I do miss the legit Mexican food that was available in OR and CA, and of course Mexico… (I didn’t travel to the touristy destinations but have been to more industrial areas for work a few times)

The attempts at Mexican food forgery around here are pretty sad at best

Sounds like Taco Hell, a.k.a. Taco Bell. Tonight I needed to bring my daughter’s dinner to her at her middle school because she stayed after school to watch a wrestling match and didn’t have time to come home before she needed to go to the nearby high school for Winter Guard practice. I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said “Mexican”, so I picked up dinner at Muchas Gracias! (where I also picked up a heavenly chunk-o’-flan for myself!) When I met her outside her school, she asked “Where’s my Taco Hell?” My answer? “I thought you wanted Mexican food…”

She did not laugh.


i just put it back to what it was my basal. & i did not meant to hit her in the face. i did say I’m sorry for when i hit you in the face. & it have to be gf flan & lol flan emoticon. & what new i always craving something.

If I’m not mistaken, flan is gluten-free. And if it’s not, then by hook or by crook, I will find a gluten-free flan recipe and I will make it for you when you visit!

And I know you didn’t actually mean to hit your momma; I was just breaking your :soccer: :soccer:!

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