My Review of Zevia All Natural Diet Soda with Stevia

Review is: BLEECH!

Ok, maybe I just hate diet soda or I haven't had any in so long I forgotten how gross it was. But now that I can't drink any regular (which I rarely do btw but I was wanting to have some recently) I figure I would try this out.

I have the "Dr. Zevia" which is supposed to be like Dr. Pepper - correction, DIET Dr. Pepper. Ugh. It is so bitter. My guess is that is the Stevia talking. It is going to take me all day to finish this one can.

Bright side is that my BG wasn't effected. Of course the more I drink it, the less "diety" it tastes but I hate that aftertaste on my tongue. It reminds me of aspartame which I hate. But it does have all natural ingredients which I like. I can't bring myself to drink the commerical stuff with all the chemical in it - they upset my stomach anyhow.

Speaking of which, I bought a Sugar Free Red Bull the other day and must have missed the crucial ingredient while reading the label; aspartame. Ugh, Damn it. I hate that stuff. But I'll still drink the thing - I am sure it is not going to taste anything like the Original Red Bull which I love because it taste like SweetTarts!

Back to the Zevia, I also have a Black Cherry to drink up next. Not sure if I will buy this again though. I am not that big of a soda drinker and there isnt much taste to it except the diet part of it.

On the front of the can it says "0 Net Carbs" and "0 Sugar" but on the back on the label, it says there are 15g of carbs in it, but the carbs are listed as Erythritol and 0 sugars. I think someone mentioned on here that the Erythritol is sugar alcohol?? I also noticed that the Stevia and Erythritol and listed as separate ingredients on the ingredients list. So why the Erythritol in here? If the drink is sweetened with Stevia what is the Erythritol for?

I think the next venture in sugar free soda will be the Low-Cal Gourmet Sprecher Root Beer. It has saccahrine in it but I'll try it out.

ughhh…i make my own ‘soda’ with sparkling water and herb or fruit teas.

How disappointing.

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. You’re right. Erythritol allegedly doesn’t cause the gastric upset problems of other sugar alcohols & isn’t supposed to cause spikes in people who can actually metabolize sugar alcohols.

The combo of erythritol & stevia is to make things taste more like cane sugar. It makes stevia taste sweeter, so less is needed & less of the stevia aftertaste. For baking, erythritol has some sugar-like properties that give foods the texture & “mouth feel” of sugar.

Thanks Gerri!

Well, they failed in doing that combo! It tastes nothing like cane sugar. I hate to see what it tastes like if they don’t use the Erythritol! And I don’t know if it is the Stevia aftertaste I taste but it is just reallly not good. I think Diet Pepsi tasted better many years ago when I tasted it. The thing is that even with the bitter aftertaste aside - there isn’t much of a Dr. Pepper taste.

Bummer eh?

Bummer, yep. Yuck. Makes you wonder just how much high fructose corn syrup is in soda. It must be a ton.

I have recipes calling for stevia & erythritol for baking, but I’ve never used erythritol. Some sugar alcohols have this strange cooling effect in your mouth almost the way mint does. Makes things have an icky after-taste. Erythritol doesn’t do this.

Artificial sweeteners are all pretty nasty tasting to me.

Hope your root beer experience is better!

I don’t care for the Dr. Zevia or the Twist (lemon lime) flavors, but I love the Ginger Ale. I drink it almost every day. The Cola is OK if I really need a cola taste. What I love about the flavors I do drink of Zevia is the lack of an after taste. Oh, and the fact that it doesn’t give me migraines or raise my blood sugar like all other diet soft drinks do.

Hi Michele,

Thanks for the review! The only single flavors they had were the Dr. Zevia, the Black Cherry and the GingerAle. I am not a big Ginger Ale fan so I only got the two other flavors. They did have six packs but I wanted to try first - can’t remember which six pack flavors they had. I would love to try the other flavors but I don’t want to buy a big six pack and than hate them.

Hey guys!

I am sipping on the Black Cherry now and it is actually pretty good! It doesn’t have the super strong bittery diety aftertaste like the Dr. Zevia had - in fact it is not bittery at all and only a minimum diety after taste! Yeah! I think I would actually drink this again. Still boohoo for the Dr. Zevia though - I really use to love Dr. Pepper.

Truvia (Stevia + Erythritol) has made some products, and they do taste pretty good… I don’t know what those people did with their soda, but they make Sprite Green, and it tastes good… Including a Vitamin Water Zero, with no sugar.

I just noticed they also make Blue Sky Free Soda, with Truvia… which is my favorite brand of Soda ever. It’s organic.

Thanks Liz!

Funny I was looking at the Blue Sky website the other day for their diet sodas - Blue Sky was my favorite too - I love their flavors. I didn’t see any diet on the webstie though. The Blue Sky company also makes Hansens which I don’t like as much but they do have many diet flavors.

I wanted to get the Hansens but my Whole Foods didn’t have it. So that is why I got the Zevia stuff - well, I wanted to try it anyhow

I see Odwalla on that site too! I love their stuff - it is moslty juices so I didn’t even look at them the other day because I figured I could not have any. Hmm…Maybe the lemonade has the Truvia now. I will be label reading next time! :smiley: here they are! I guess the just don’t call it the corny “Diet.” lol

Ok update on my review:

So far the Dr. Zevia is still at a BLEECH status.

Black Cherry was YEAH!!!

Yesterday I had a Zevia Cola and it is YEAH!!! Very good. Tastes like Diet Coke or Pepsi to me.

And right now, I am sipping on some Ginger Root Beer! OMG! This stuff is GOOOOD! It tastes like a Gingerbread Rootbeer Cookie or something. And hardly no bitter aftertaste.

So, I have a few more flavors to try but I have six packs of the Cola and Ginger RootBeer ( on sale) so might take me a while. There is Orange, GingerAle and I think the Lemon Lime that my Whole Foods carrying.

But the Cola, Black Cherry and Ginger Rootbeers are keepers. I think if I put a little creamer in the Rootbeer I might achieve a Float taste! :slight_smile: Yum-yum.

Liz, I checked out the Odwalla stuff the other day. What they have now is a “Light” Lemonade made with the Truvia stuff you were talking about but it is still 14 carbs for a serving! Not very “light” to me. I didn’t see anything else that was “light” - the rest are all fruit filled smoothies and juices - and I didnt even bother to look at the carbs on those because I know they will be higher. I haven’t been able to find Blue Sky around here unfortunatley yet. wah.