My Short Story, turned Novel

Hi all,

I am glad to have found a site to connect to with other insulin-dependent diabetics. It turned my world around, flipped it, and titled it off its axis, but I survived. I was diagnosed in August '09, so I haven't been type I very long. It all began late this summer, after my trip to Melbourne and Sydney, Australia -- a great vacation, but a not so fun conclusion to it. I was visiting my brother and best friend studying abroad, around the time of the Southern hemisphere's peak flu season. After a night of partying at the bar, we came back home and my friend was sicker than a dog the next day; apparently, there was a 90% chance she had contract swine flu (according to the health clinic she went to). Well, don't I come down with something similar to what she had the next week. We aren't sure if it was related, but who knows. On my last day in Sydney, I find my legs and whole body vibrate with aches and the common flu symptoms. I dread the airport and flying the next day-24 hours of fever, flu, and feeling like my bed was never going to find me. Anyways, it was all down hill from there. I was sick for 1 1/2 weeks with the worst flu I've had in years. I went on vacation (again -- tough life, I know) in late July, after recovering and felt fine, well, until I noticed I was beginning to get more thirsty more often. I attributed it to the heat and being at the beach, but then I noticed I was running to the bathroom more often. Well, by the end of August, I had lost 20 pounds -- starting at 137 and dropping to 117 at my lowest, which prompted many friends and family to want to feed me MORE -- ice cream, etc --which we all know made the issue worse. I did my own research, and voila; it looked like diabetes. I was confused, scared, and when I told family what I believed it was, I wasn't taken too seriously because the excuse: diabetes doesn't run in the family proved that this could not possibly be the dx. I was beginning to think: cancer, some other deadly illness, and my nerves were shot with exhaustion over the issue. But, the worst part: the DRY mouth. My mouth became so dry that I would wake up at night and be so parched it would physically irritate me. The dx came at no surprise when they FINALLY did a blood glucose test; a blood sugar around 400 -- which came at no surprise to me. I knew it was off, and I just needed to confirm it with the DOC. office.

Anyways, it has been a long journey so far, but an interesting and challenging one. I started with the insulin shots up until late January, and have been on the Omnipod pump since (the best thing since sliced bread) - it has made my life that much better with diabetes in regards to flexibility when eating, etc -- no more running to the car or bathroom for shots.

The challenges are still here: I have trouble controlling high's when I get nervous before presentations (fight-or-flight response), and during high stress situations, when my heart gets going, but I am working on it. I like my numbers to be between 70-110, ideally.

Anyways, I look forward to more posting!


23, senior in college

Welcome! It’s really neat that you read up on your symptoms so it wasn’t a COMPLETE shock! Well, welcome to the community. Keep us posted!

We have pretty much the same story here…from a recent diagnosis in Dec. Keep up the great work and keep the upbeat attitude…it really helps you and others who read what you post.

Thanks Alicia!

Welcome!! Your attitude is one we all need to have! Keep positive and things will always look like the glass is half full!!!

Your on the right track Ryan.

Keep visiting this website and it will really help you keep on track to stay on top of the big" D". You will find through websense that the struggles and success you will encounter all have been experienced by someone on this website. I am glad the pump is helping you. Best of luck

Welcome aboard. I do remember myself thinking well it’s diabetes, NOT cancer, when I had all the weight loss. Cuz that’s really scary, isn’t it?

Welcome! I can relate to the dry mouth before diagnosis- waking up and choking on…nothing! Those were scary moments. nice to meet you!