My son has been having bad reactions to the Medtronic sensor adhesive. These problems cause his A1C to progressively climb. I’m stressed out

If you dont have any luck with that try tegaderm. Tegaderm allows perspiration out but stops bacteria coming in. The best thing about tegaderm is it feels just like your skin. It is kind of expensive but it is worth it.


What Edward2 said. We use Tegaderm film underneath my son’s Dexcom sensors, the inserter needle goes straight through it. While some people still react to it, it’s much less common than any other tape (my wife gets blisters from most adhesive tapes within a day or two, but can wear tegaderm for a week without issue).


Really feel for you and your son. I don’t have suggestions I’m afraid, though it seems others here have - really hope something works out. My daughter has an issue with pump sites failing frequently, though this doesn’t seem to be due to reactions to adhesive.

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Hi i have ordered a couple different tapes over the months and I liked tagaderm also. My only hope is the Flonase at this point because all the issues start behind the sensor and the tape traps the moisture then leading to the nasty wet rash or the fluid building up. Hypafix at least allows most of it to dry but not behind the sensor where that sensor tape is. So hopefully the Flonase coupled with the skintac will keep the barrier between the skin and that little bit of adhesive. That’s what I’m hoping. That’s a lot of steps to put a sensor on but I will keep you all posted

As far as your daughters sensors failing. Maybe the transmitter needs to be replaced. If you’re applying the sensors correctly there has to be a problem with the transmitter internal battery. Almost impossible you can’t get at least one or two good ones… I was reading a different thread last night and a couple people mentioned carefully taking off the tape, leaving the sensor on and recharging the transmitter. I’ve actually done that a couple times when the skin was still clean and dry and it worked. If you get what I’m saying maybe try that before removing the whole sensor. Let it calibrate and everything before you put the new tape on so you can make sure it takes again and not waisting tape

Hi, see I was told if I put anything under the sensor like skintac or whatever don’t insert thru anything because it can go into the site. I mean if it works for you guys that’s awesome. I will try to use it without inserting thru it but definitely another option. I just have to prevent the reaction so the fluid doesn’t start period then I won’t have to worry so much about taking it off 5-7 days later with some nasty skin issue that now has to heal. Once both arms are like that we take a break from the sensor altogether which is not ideal but he has to heal and I’m sure those gaps in use is what effected his A1C

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Read this thread maybe it’ll help you. I hope I was able to post the link properly. Otherwise just search “Medtronic 670g sensor not lasting the full 7 days”

One more option to try: there is a No-Sting version of Skin Prep that might possibly help. It is a barrier wipe. I used to use the regular version of Skin Prep when using Medttronic sensors but it didn’t work great. Then I switched to the G5 and sometime use Skin Tac, but for your son, I think Skin Tac may be too strong of a chemical to use as the barrier. BE SURE to let the No-Sting Skin Prep dry completely so that it acts as more of a barrier than an adhesion enhancer which is what I use(d) Skin Prep and Skin Tac for, so for that I place an item on me while those 2 are tacky.

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Mmm! You’re right about acting less of a enhancer. I dont care for that but figured it was still a barrier I’ll try that too. I am willing to try any and everything I just want some consistency already!!! Fingers crossed

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I hope it works out for your son.

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You can cut a hole in the centre of the film before you apply it, then line up the sensor before you stick it on and insert, we have done that too. But the film is very thin and can be fiddly to apply, and it works just fine without doing this.
Day 14 of his current Dexcom and no irritation, accuracy better than the first week (last 3 calibrations all had CGM within 0.2mmol/L of BGL).

She’s not using Dexcom

Yes. I have cut and done things to make it work too lol. I have also noticed the accuracy gets better with time if the sensor lasts! Yup!

I get what’s they’re saying.

Thanks Dave as I said I will keep everyone updated with the progress and if the suggestions everyone made has worked. I’m just glad I got some new suggestions because for the most part I want to say I’ve tried everything but I got a little more hope thru this thread and I appreciate all of you!

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Tegaderm doesnt trap moisture, it allows persperation to go through so by design it won’t become sweaty and sticky.

I know that. I’m responding to this:

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t negatively affect CGM accuracy - Dexcom and Medtronic sensors use the same basic tech so there’s no reason to believe Medtronic sensors would be affected either.

Are you sure about that? A link, if you can.

Ouch, that looks like it really burns. I have used Gifs Grips in place of the oval tape. If you go this way I suggest small oval or oblong tape cut tape. The grips fit over the top of the transmitter. I like the tape but I woudl do a limited amount until you know it works. You can use this with skintac or IV prep. You can also IV300 over tape. I woudl stop using the oval tape.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

Johnson & Johnson used to make a product called Tough Pads that was a lifesaver for many people who had Dexcom allergies. Although Tough Pads have been discontinued, CVS makes a similar hydrocolloid bandage.

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Here you go:

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