My Story

So I have yet to blog about how I came about to be one of the members of this site.
How did I know I had diabetes? Well…it all started when I was ten years old … here is my story:
December 30, 1997 -
Just a few days after Christmas. And instead of being in my room playing with my new toys and eating all my yummy candy canes, I was sitting in the Doctor’s waiting room. Mind you, I wasn’t even there for myself. I was just tagging along with my mom and sister. My sister had awaken with a problem in her ear, so mom decided to take her to the doctor. Just a routine doctor’s visit? I think not. By the end of the day we were in way over are heads - with news that would change our lives forever. After the doctor was finished examing my sister and her ear mom decided to tell him how I was not acting like myself lately. I was losing weight…losing my appetite…was drinking all the time…sleeping in church…just not the energetic ten year old I was just a few months back. He then decided to do some tests. When they all came back normal, he was a little confused. He said there was one more test he could do, but that he knew it was going to be fine…the diabetes test. I shrugged it off, because I had no clue what he was talking about. So, after peeing in a cup and blood being taken from my scrawny stick arm…I waited. Three hours later, the tests had come back. He escorted us into his office. He told me I could sit in his big, comfy office chair…this was a sure sign something was wrong. He never let anyone sit in his comfy chair! So I sat there, spinning in all my glory, and he sat across from me. Mom was standing beside me and… bam! Out came those dreaded words: you have diabetes. While, at the time I had no idea what that meant. I didn’t blink, just sat there. All these thoughts running through my mind…die-abetes. All I really remeber about that time was I heard my mom on the phone with my dad, tears running down her face. None of us had ever heard of this disease, nor did we have an recollection of it running through our family. Doc then said I need to be admitted into the hospital right away, no time to run home or anything. So my mom took me by the hand and into the hospital we went, with a level of almost 600. I was there for about a week over the span of the new year. Though it was tough, I was a quick learner. My favorite part of my hospital stay (if there is such a thing!) was the orange/saline/syringe they gave me to practice with. And my whole 5th grade class made cards and gave them to me when I got out! (Every now and again I pull the out and read them, some make me laugh others make me cry. They were so sweet and made me feel special). Even while in the hospital I don’t think I fully realized how this disease would affect me for the rest of my life.
Since I was in the middle of my 5th grade year when this all happened, mom homeschooled me for the remainder of the year. Then when 6th grade arrived, I went back to school. Scared and nervous, I walked in on the first day. Not expecting all the questions and looks I got when I walked in. “When will it go away”…“When are you going to get better”…“Why did you get this?” I, myself, was new to it all. I could only tell them it would never go away, but that I was no different then when I left the year before. As the year progressed, it became routine to everyone. Leave a few minutes before lunch to take level/shot…snack in class when I needed one. They all started to understand a little bit better what I had to go through just to make it through the day. All through highschool when we had a paper or speech to do, I would always write/speak about my diabetes. This also helped get the word out, and it helped alot in the way people saw/treated me.
I have always been independent with this disease. Ever since I was diagnosed I have been doing my own level and shots. Mom only had to take my level once-when I was to tired too do it myself. The only shot she gave me was in the hospital, just so she knew she would be able to do it if I was not able to. It’s awesome to see myself grow this disease. It’s made me a different person, but it has also made me a better person. I cannot even remeber not having diabetes. It’s been with my over half my life. It is what I have become to know. Through it all, God has blessed. My family was always there for me. Though in the beginning my sisters thought I just wanted attention. They would eat oreo’s in front of me even though they knew I couldn’t have them. But now, especially that we are all older. They see diabetes in a different light. They see the challenges I struggle with on a daily basis. What I have to do just to stay alive. My friends were always there for me, and they wanted to know as much as they could about diabetes. So they would know how to help me, if it came to that point. I would like to say I love how this disease has changed me. But I don’t see it that way. Diabetes has not changed me. I changed because of diabetes. It was my choice to make the right decisions. I have been so blessed in the fact that I have not had any serious complications from diabetes. In the eleven years of having the big “D”, I have never been in the hospital or to the doctor for a diabetes related problem. Not saying that there hasn’t been times a problem could have arised, but everytime God watched out for me. I know He is in control of my life, including diabetes.
Now that I am almost twenty-one, I share my story whenever I can, to whoever will listen. When it comes time for testimonies I always base my words on my diabetes and how God had blessed me through it. It’s not an easy disease to live with, but since I know who is in control and I know what I can do to help it out, it seems almost bearable.
Do I wish I didn’t have diabetes? Maybe. Of course, I would love to go through one day without having to count everything that goes in my mouth. Or having to make sure I take enough insulin. Don’t we all?! But, honestly, it has become such a part of me…I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have to do those things.
Well that’s my “short” story…
Have a “sweet” day!
(username is because ever since that day, mom has called me her sugarbaby!)