My Story

I’ve been so caught up reading this entire website as well as other pages that I was unaware of I seem to have forgotten to make my introduction. First name is Ryan and I’m a T1 diabetic.

I was diagnosed February 2, 2000. I remember my vision was the first to go. It got harder and harder to see the school boards in class. All I did was continually use the bathroom and drink liquids which were mainly sodas. I was extremely exhausted all the time as well. In all these slowly crept in as time went by so we didn’t know I even had a problem. I was actually yelled at for being lazy and wasn’t believed in school when I told the teacher I was unable to see the board,

We had a family party where I saw family members that do not see me on the day to day basis and they were all shocked at the weight I loss. I kind of ignored it since it didn’t seem a concern to me. I was accused of being on drugs then by all family since I was lazy, looked strung out and in all I think i lost 25 lbs when I’m only in 8th grade. Wasn’t too nice of a night but someone did have the idea of diabetes since I did have all the symptoms. Dad’s diabetic friend come over our house that night and his meter read error. Went to the hospital and I believe my BG was around 775.

I couldn’t believe it and was mad at the world for me getting this. Still am in ways but that’s life. I was started on shots with “R” and “NPH”. I was told only how much to take based on meal sizes that were about how much I thought I would eat. This control sucked but I did fairly well. My A1C’s were always near 6. I didn’t like the no control portion however.

In 2002 I started Lantus and a fast acting insulin. I remember being so excited to get an insulin where I could eat when I wanted to. I hated having to follow a schedule for eating. I was told to count the carbs with subtracting the dietary fiber. Control has truthfully sucked since then. I’ve always had bad swings up and down mainly from stress, a lot of physical activity/sport, and drinking, I’ve always been told to adjust my medicine for any issues and a lot of my trouble could have been fixed just knowing what was exactly was going on with the diabetes.

When I first heard of the insulin pump think it was around 2004. I had always refused because I believed the needle remained in you 27/7. I even explained that to my endo and she never corrected me. I really didn’t know until I received my pump in the Mail and began to look over everything. Come to think about it I learned the terms “bolus” and “basal” when I had training.

I have a MiniMed Revel with a CGM. I love it and wish I knew how it was before so I could have gotten the pump back when I first heard about it. Even the few errors I get with the pump now are nothing compared to how things use to be taking injections. As of now I’m studying up on all information to help me better understand and control my diabetes. I’ve learned sooooo much the past few weeks its amazing.

I wanted all I I even did the Nolalog pens for awhile. This entire period has been havoc for me. I’ve c

lol… I’m not as “special” as my typing may suggest. I finished this with a 37 BG. Didn’t feel the drop at all, just was calibrating my CGM. So there’s definitely a lot of errors in this. The last line wasn’t meant to be kept.