My T2 is gone! (or remission)

Wow, I have been gone for quite a while. My profile says that I haven’t logged on since 2009…dang!

I wanted to update my profile to say that my T2 is gone! I had an opportunity to have a gastric sleeve procedure and my diabetes was gone that same day. I checked my sugars for the whole month after surgery and my sugars never went above 90. My last A1C was 6.

I was 388 when I started my liquid diet leading up to the surgery (2 weeks), I was 378 when I arrived for my surgery. I am now down to 300lbs. I drink a protein shake (PremierProtein ready to drink 11oz) for breakfast and lunch, then I have a small mean for dinner (like 4-6 bites), always protein first because it takes longer to metabolize and keeps you satiated longer. I take vitamin supplements twice a day made specially for bariatric patients.

I walk two miles a day and have begun to bicycle. I feel healthy. I’m used to not craving all kinds of food all the time. I don’t hurt anymore (aches and pains). I’ve already gotten rid of my “big” clothes (well, I save a couple to compare later on). but I am into all new clothes courtesy of thrift stores and the like. I don’t have to feel self conscious on airplanes, or suffer the embarrassment of purchasing an additional seat for “my safety,” or use handicap stalls when using the restroom, etc.

I just had a visit with my primary care this morning and again, they took all my blood. Well, they left a little bit of it. So we shall see what these results look like three months out from surgery.


A very close family friend has had remarkable results following his surgery. He was taken off insulin within 2 weeks of the surgery, & stopped hypertension meds within a month. It’s been almost 5 years & his BGs & A1Cs remain in normal range.

Best wishes for continued success on your journey!

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Thanks for checking in. I’m very happy for you. I hope you are able to continue to lose weight and stay in remission. On one hand I’d hate to see you come here with diabetes again but if you every need to come here for support, I hope you know we will always be there for you.

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This is wonderful news, Craig!! I’m truly happy for you, as this sounds like a HUGE improvement in your quality of life. Please don’t be a stranger!

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Craig, I am so happy for you. It is a gift that you had the opportunity to have this surgery that has changed your life. it sounds like you are very motivated to keep your t2 away and youre doing great! please keep us updated, its amazing the change that this surgery can do!

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Congratulations on your remarkable transformation. I wish you the strength to sustain and make it permanent!

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Congrats on being in remission. Yes, I said “remission”. The combination of genetic factors and damage that got you to the original diagnosis are not repaired by weight loss and good diet, though the symptoms (hyperglycemia) may abate for many years.


. A big T usually means tinnitus, a ringing in the ears. which I have. But some how I got typ2 Diabeties @ since I was I was diagnoised my B.S. have averaged 5.4. I don’t really watch whatI ear, just don,t eat poatoes or have a big meal. I guess what I am asking what yout T is for.

here T2 or T2D means Type 2 diabetes

I am happy for your success…HOWEVER… your symptoms are gone or in remission…YOU ARE STILL DIABETIC. If you do not follow the maintenance program and keep doing what you are doing… that sleeve will not work and your symptoms will come back. My mom has some type of gastric surgery done and it didn’t work. She wouldn’t tell me exactly what was happening… Please don’t tell folks that you are Type2 free because it gives false hope and it is apart of the myth that Type can be cured completely it you get surgery.


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Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. There is a lot that goes into a decision to pursue something like I have done. As of today, my weight is down to 284!

After reading @Christalyn’s post above, I decided to revise the topic subject to more accurately reflect the true nature of what has happened. As diabetics, I feel that we should all be aware that once a diabetic, always a diabetic–much like cancer. So when I originally posted, it was with this in mind. However, I realize that for newly diagnosed diabetics coming to this site, this could give people the false hope that this is a way to get rid of their diabetes for good! I know I would have thought that when I was first diagnosed with T2 back in 2007-08.

Diabetes only goes into remission. It never goes away completely. As @tmana states above, the genetics and damage done to the body does not go away. Here is more information for those who are interested.

I went through some family trauma in 2011 that resulted in a fractured family and a divorce. I was in a bad place. I had given up with taking my Metformin, and the constant finger sticks. Of course my sugars went back up. I continued with my CPAP, but only because that was something I could feel the effects from if I didn’t use it. All in all, I wasn’t really concerned about my health.

There is a psychology that goes along with managing any condition. Diabetes and weight loss is no different. You have to desire change to be successful in any endeavor. I am tired of being fat (let’s call it what it is) and I am tired of not being healthy. My doctors all felt that the risk of death far outweighed any risk that having surgery posed and proposed a bariatric procedure even when I was first diagnosed. I was very opposed to anything invasive at that time. It wasn’t until the opportunity presented itself back in March of this year that I felt like everything was right and moved forward with the surgery process.

I want to feel good about myself. I want to be around for my kids and grandkids. I want to date and find my soul-mate!

I believe that diabetic or not, blood sugar is more important to our health than people realize. We are too dependent on quick fixes and that a pill or injection will solve all of our issues. I have finally realized that we are slowly killing ourselves with our diets and that that eating the way we should, with proper (un-processed) foods, in portions that are appropriate will take us so much further in our journey than medicine ever will. That being said, I don’t mean to discount medicine…yes we need it. But should a McDonald’s cheese burger be a proper substitute for proper nutrition? No way! Would throwing away the buns of that McDonald’s cheese burger and only eating the patty be okay? No way! Do you know what that patty went through to get to McDonald’s? Every food product we buy that is in plastic packaging should be suspect! If it has words in the ingredient list that you can pronounce, it is processed food and not healthy for the body. When did we start having health issues, think about it? Just watch those documentary’s on Netflix like “Fed Up” or “Super Size Me” and you’ll see what I mean.

Exercise is very important too! We are too sedentary in our lifestyles! I know I was. I now walk at least 4 miles every day! I cycle when I can. I hope to participate in next years El Tour de Tucson.

The take away from all of this is that you must desire change, you must stick with the program, find a support structure, and timing is important. Will there be struggles, of course there will! But that is what this support group is for. When you fall off the horse, you have to get back on. It happens to all of us.

I do not plan on going away. I will still continue to troll the forums, lol.


you look great, and must really feel fabulous! congratulations!

I think what you have done is awesome craig, y drs also want me to have the gastric sleeve but my insurance wont pay because I dont weigh enoughso a doctor in Mexico who is highly reverered and does international seminars will do my surgery at half the cost of usa…so saving my money I have to take 40 units of 75/25 insulin everyday, stick 6 times a day, have gastroparesis high tryglycerides, fatty liver just ready to stop these and this dr has had very good results with remission of type 2 hugs hope this helps the newbies too there is light at the end of the tunnel

We would like to know your situation now. Can you please update on this?

Are you still in the remission? This will be very useful to all. @Craig3