My take on the Diabetes unConference in Sin City

Since discovering the #DOC back in 2008 (my first #dblog was at when I was trying to figure out how to use an insulin pump after 41 years of being a human dart board … life has changed so much for the better.

Before that time, I didn’t know many diabetics that I could chat with, especially on insulin pumps, In order to get the answers I needed for my burning questions on how to use the pump, I went to various online groups based in America such as, .

It was amazing how much help I got from these various sites, and despite not being in person with everyone, I no longer felt alone dealing with this roller coaster ride. It was like a breath of fresh air (ahhh - the smell of a hunky hairy chested dude bathing in Irish Spring!!! PG13)

Spring forward (and we have changed our clocks) … and we come to the weekend of March 13th, 2015 … Sin City … land of make believe and OMG … 90 diabetics all grouped together at the 1st Diabetes unConference!!! Combined together - we little guinea pigs running on the big blue wheel - calculated that we have almost …

2,000 years of the roller coaster ride of diabetes!!!!

To read the rest of the blog (sorry - it’s too much work to cut/paste the links … pictures etc. to Tudiabetes - I’m such a lazy cat) … kindly go to this link!

And to further spice up your read … check out a few of the pictures on my page from the trip (I stayed on a few extra days - to offset the expensive air fare from Canada … making it abit of a winter break ).

Anna - It was good to meet you last weekend. I haven't written about it but have enjoyed reading what others have written. Seems it has received overall positive vibes. Facebook's loss is TuD's gain! always, a prolific and gifted witty writer! I so enjoy the humour of your scribing!!

Thanks, Anna! Well said, as usual.....hugs