My Tandem:X2 experience: CIQ versus HAL 9000

At least it yells at you to hit the resume button. Otherwise I would be in DKA several times


Up all night with high-BG bent-cannula blues. Didn’t get it swapped until this a.m. and I’m not sure the new one is 100% either. It went in kinda weird too, the tubing having somehow caught in the inserter mechanism. #StuffThatHappensBeforeCoffee. Really missing that Advance inserter.: tubing is a separate component, makes things simpler/easier at insertion.

I STILL like this pump. But it certainly helps me stay that way knowing Tandem/CB are going to be releasing their own revamped inset. Soon, I hope. Anyone have any info on that?

Don’t know when the revised inserted is coming.

I’ve been using the Autosoft 90 for the past few years and have had two or three times where the little Teflon cannula did a u-turn.

You can see it clearly when you remove it. Usually it hurts a bit more even after removing the inserter. And of course there is a slow and steady climbing glucose accompanied by the irritating beeping from my phone.

Strangely I have not gotten occlusion alarms with this problem. (And only rare occlusion otherwise).

Once or twice I had problems with the tubing getting caught under the adhesive but at least that is immediately obvious!!

I am more careful with insertions since.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been using the TSlim for a bit over 4 years, and had minimal pump use before, so a lot of your observations didn’t occur to me, as they just seemed like “normal”…

I keep all my alerts settings on vibrate, and have learned to (mostly) keep my pump close to my sensor… I hate those noisy alerts! Sounds like you found those settings already.

I don’t get how you can NOT go through all the steps when doing a set change? - it prompts me through about 4 buttons to press, which I find super annoying, but they’re habit by now.

re infusion sets: I can only use the tru-steel set (bad reactions to the plastic cannulas). Might be worth trying, as there’s no inserter and no bent cannulas!

glad you’re happy with your decision and that you made the leap!

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“I’m guessing that this system would increase insulin as BG rises after eating. Yeah, I’m not comfortable with that.”

For those of us with gastroparesis that could be great! As it stands I guess my way through mealtime , occasionally screwing up royally. Hmm. I just got a new T-slim, but haven’t yet turned on basal IQ or CIQ yet.

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When I’m eating a meal that I know will have delayed absorption (hello, steak!) (or pizza) (or a “grazing meal / buffet”) I do extended blouses 60% now, 40% later, for example)

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You can’t choose to use BIQ or CIQ. You could have started with BIQ and later upgrade to CIQ. But you can’t switch back and forth between them…

Most likely you have CIQ pump, and you can have the CIQ algo on or off.

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Thou can also lower your insulin sensitivity and it will react more aggressively to sugars as the rise. For grazing meals or mixed fat and carb meals

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