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Are there enough newish Tandem pump users here to have a thread for miscellaneous questions that come and go?
One example: In less than my first week, I now have a BG of 161 and IOB of 0.5. Should the pump not be giving me a bolus? The arrow shows level and since there is no time bar I don’t know how long it has been at this level. This is post breakfast a couple hours. but probably less than.
I know I can and will give myself a bolus but I thought the purpose of C-IQ was to have the pump do the work for you. And yes, all my algorithms are in correctly. My trainer entered them from my Medtronic and triple checked. This morning I awoke with a 112. Very cool. But now… weird. I took a bolus for the carbs beforehand but obviously the carb count was wrong or my body read it as higher than online carb count reports.

But my question… are there newish Tandemers who don’t want a big long thread but just an answer to a quick question?

Followup: at 12:30pm ESt, bg went down to 124 w no intervention and back up to 166. I did eat 2 Tbsp kimchi. Shd have bolused for that. IOB now 2.66. I have no idea how it goes out that other decimal point! This time I must bolus as I need a bit of lunch snack.
Note: The clip is so tight I can’t get it onto pocket or waistband.
Oh, the kimchi jar said 2 Tbsp is 2 gm carb.

Will not give you a bolus if 161 and not rising. Algorithm uses rate of change. Looks 30 minutes into the future and if it predicts you will be 180 with not enough IOB it will bolus. However it will increase the basal rate if you agree at or above 160. But not if you are under 160. Also there is a time stamp. If you unlock it and tap on the graph it becomes larger and has time stamp at the bottom.

The algorithm does two things. It adjusts your basal rate to effect small elevations and it only boluses when you are headed high and out of range.
Likely a 160 it would just adjust your basal which looks like it did.
I also want my pump to be more aggressive but I don’t want to suggest tweaking it until you have been on it a while and understand the nuances.

You can do a manual bolus correction yourself if you don’t want to wait for it. I do it all the time.

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I’d recommend pairing it up to your phone. The mobile app does a much better job of showing when the basal rate is increased or when it auto bolused.

Can I still see the usual info on the pump if I pair it to my phone? I really am hesitant to use my phone for it as the thought of punching it on so often does not appeal to me. Both my iPhone (a hard Otterbox case) and the pump case are difficult for me to punch on with my small fingers (which don’t match the rest of me!).

I guess I didn’t realized it adjusts the basal. I am just letting it do its thing mostly. Trying to get as near as I can on carb gms since all these years it has been by guess/by gosh! But close enough if you go by my a1c. Thanks.

Yes. The phone app is display only, not to make changes.

See video.

There is also a web based T:Connect website to provide details over longer time. The phone app is good for seeing current day data.
My endo has access to my web data and often makes good suggestions when we review it at appts.

Thank you! And for the link especially.

Well, it would be me to discover a new problem with the XC/use of Tandem. I thought the first time I did the inserttion that I had a faulty XC tubing set and somehow manually pushed the cannula into my site. Last night, again I could not c-o-c-k the XC whatever you call it. I could not pull it to get a click to insure it was c-o-c-ked for insertion.
Finally, I got a pair of pliers and pulled on the white plastic “mouth shaped” thing and was finally able to hear the click.
My hands/fingers are not strong enough to ■■■■ that danged thing. Decision time: a new small pair of pliers, cleaned for my Tandem kit or what? At may age, one can’t gain finger strength. Why/how would anyone come up with this weird kind of apparatus for a cannula insertion anyway?
I have so been looking forward to C-IQ but the accessories to make it work are just plain odd and unexplainable.

Just a vent. And maybe no one else has every experienced this. As every company always says.


This video may be helpful. Very detailed explanation. Due to multiple trigger release surgeries on my hands, I also struggled when first starting Tandem pump. I use XCs and follow the steps shown in this video.

I used Quicksets with Medtronic pump for 20+ years, and wish they were available for Tandem.

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@MM1 Yes, this is the youtuber I have been watching!! She gives the most clear instructions of anyone. But even clear instructions don’t increase the strength in my hands! I will keep trying. And one of my personal friends suggested a look at jewelry making pliers as they are smaller and there are many different versions. Headed to JoAnn’s fabrics soon, where they have some. Or Michaels.

The youtuber’s search name you recommended is “Take a Bite” I think… Thank you very much.

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Did you get any infusion set samples from your trainer? If not, I believe Tandem customer support will send you some.

You might find the Varisoft sets better meet your ability/needs. They’re the same soft cannula, but manually inserted.

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@Robyn_H I was given not samples. Chintzy! Thanks. I will call about that. I manually inserted quick sets Medtronic for many years. Wish I could use those. I hope hope this will be good. Thanks again.

I wonder could one just insert the XC 90 without priming or cocking the device?

I am new to tandem and the infusion sets also. I have the same problems with the sets, by the time I get done with it the inserter looks like it was run over with a car. What I am doing now is manual insertion that is find a spot and stick it, I do not use the inserter anymore. I made a call to tandem and they are sending samples of infusion sets to try, call them and try out some different ones. I am going to try out the one that goes in at a 30 angle its also manually inserted. good luck. Al

yes I have been doing it. Find your spot and stick it, it works. Lift off gently to make sure tape sticks and you are all set to go. the Medtronic sets that I use to use, simple and easy. Wish the tandem sets were like this. Al

@Al115 Ha! Mine looks like a train wreck too! I am due for another change and will try the manual insertion plus finally call for a Varisoft sample. In 20+ years on the pump I have never use the slanted insertion and you may know that change is hard, especially for me. I just want a Medtronic quick set that I can do a manual change in 2 or 3 minutes and go on with life. But now I am on this new life train of taking “ages” to do a mini-IV bag and tubing change. But maybe a manual insert will help. That needle is a long sucker. We don’t have to see the one in the Medtronic!

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I texted my Tandem trainer and asked for Varisoft samples and told her why. She said yes, the one you have is hard to pull back, and she used a different word that gets blocked out here. Now you tell me!! I pick them up on the 26th when I see my Endo. In the meantime, I do the manual insertion. And see if I want to stick with that. No pun intended!

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I love it. The best puns are those that just happen.

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