My vacation to Florida and my first friends for life conference

my vacation to Orlando florida was my first time for alot of things. It was my first time on an airplain.I was scared at first but then i got use to it and was able to look out the window.It looks cool from up so high ans seeing the clouds. It was my first time in the USA the USA is different for Canada hear is some thinngs are different in the USA. The grass looks thick,long fake grass and feels. The fast food restaurants are different A&W the names of the burgers are different and Mc Donald’s nugets tast alot differents also the water from the sink smelled funny. We really went to Florida for the diabetic conference called Friends For Life. It was our first time going to this conference. The conference was good the talks they had were really good. I went to the teen talks on the 24 by myself cause my brother left me to go with some friends he meet. It was scary for me cause i am very very shy and being around so many people and not knowin anyone. When it was time to go back to the hotel were the conference was I felt so sick when i got to my room i layed down my head hurt and when i staned i felt like i was going to get sick. I wanted to go to the banquet so i tryed to i made it down stairs but the line was so long and i could not stand so i sat on the floor but my dad said that i should go back up stairs and go to bed so i did so I missed the banquet cause I was so sick. The next day the teens were going to Islands of Adventurs I did not go I did not want to be all alone cause my brother would just go hang with his new friends so i stayed with my parents and went to there talks they were good. My brother would not walk with me into the dance so i did not go to that eather. We went to Universal Studios it was nice we went back early cause my dad leg was killing him.He can not walk on his leg for a long time now since he fell off the roof helping a family friend building their house.I wish his leg was back to norma again so we could of stayed longer and do more fun stuff. I saw Hannah a friend that i talk to on the computer at teh conference but i did not say hi i was to shy. I meet Ellie I talk to here on the CWD chat room it was cool meeting her. I wanted to get a picture with Sebastien Sasseville but the last day i did not see him and the day before I saw him but he was talkign to people so i did not want to intureup.So i never got the picture my be next time i go to a thing that he is at i will get a picture of him and me.I got to have couple of snow cones at the conference. i allways wanted to haev oen but i never know the carbs btu these one were sugar free.I think my parents and brother had a better time then i did at the conference. I do not know if i will go to another conference it is hard when you are very shy. When the conference was over we rented a car and did some stuff. Like shoping we went to Kennedy space center it was very cool I liked space since i was in grade six. I wanted to be an astronaut I wish i could of stayed there longer. We went Mini golfing at Hawailan Rumble Adventure golf it was fun every vacation me and my dad went on we woudl go mini golfing it was my mom first time mini golfing my brother was the only one that got a hole in one. We did both mini golfs games there The Lani and The Kahuna.We also went to the Magic Kingdom. We went on 3 rides and watched the parade it was nice. We all so went to Daytona beach it is a very nice beach we could not park on the beach cause of high tie We went to Sea World I really liked Sea World .I would liek to go there again soem time. I like dolphins so i went to feed and touch oen the feel cool but i could not get a good picture of me touching the dolphin i would like to do that again we all so saw Shamu that was realy kool we all so saw the show blue horizonan it was a dolphin show and we seen the sea lion and other stadium it was funny.i wanted to see the fireworks but we and to pack are stuff cause we were leaving that next morning when we were done packing it was to late me missed the fireworks.The hotel we stayed at was called the Renaissance Orlando resort it was a nice hotel. The Canada airport was good going to Orlando i had no problems there but coming home in Orlando i had problems my parents told the guy i was on a insuling pump and he liek insulin pump then i went through the scaner i beeped and he but me in this thing it liek a glass box and he whent on the phone to say he need a femail airport person she came and she told me to come with here so i did my mom came cause she had no clue where i was goign then we came to this thign and she use the meetla paddle thign and ran it across me. I did not like the Orlando airport people then are nto friendy at all and the should tell you why you in this box and wair they are goign to take you to i was scard i had no clue what they were goign to go now i am sacrd to go there again. Thats my vacation it was all good but the airport part. If that happen to any one on an insulin pump in the airport or if you had no problems in the airport can you leave me a commen thanks.

Hi Chelsea! Glad that you had a good vacation!

Yes, I’ve been searched like that before too, but MOST OF THE TIME, people have been nice about the pump. If it beeps, they HAVE to search you… one tip that I got to prevent it from beeping it to put the pump clipper to the back of your pants, in the center. This is the least likely place to beep.

Once I cried in front of the security guard!! Because they were being really rude and acting like I was a bad person for having a machine attached to me. BUT most of the time, the guards give me this sympathetic look and feel sorry that I have to wear the pump… I hope that you will have only good experiences from now on. It definitely shouldn’t keep you from traveling!!!