My vacation to florida

My vaction to florida was the first time i been to the USA and on a plain. I was scard to go on the plain but i did ok i kind of liked it after i got used to it i did look out the window later on it nice seeing how it look for up for up high. We went to Kennedy space center i really liked that . when i was in grade 6 or so i wanted to be a astronte . i wish i could of stayed there longer . we might go back there before we go home . we did shopping . then we had the diabetic friends for life conffence it was nice i liked the talks i did not relay go to the teen stuff just the first day that day was scardly and my brother even did not stay with me so i was all alone by my self i feet so sick when we got back to the hotel i miss the bankwood i tryed to go to it but when i got down stars i could not stand with out feel liek throwing up and my head hurts so bad so i went back to my room. my brother would not walk me in to the teen dance he went with friends so i did not go to that i am to shy and scard to do things so this confrence was way to much for me my be if get unshy i will coem back to a notehr comffence not tll then i do not think i we go again. i went to universtal studieos with my parents my dad foot killed him so we went back at 2 i wihs he nevre feel of that room 2 or a year ago then he woudl not have trube walking and it makes me mad some tiem cange i wnat to say longer . I met ellie i talk to here on the cwd chat room it was nice meating her. i seen hanna and this guy i talked to on the computer but i never said him i was to shy to stil oen more day will the farweill breakfast is left i want to get a picture with sabastion the mounten climer but i haev seen him as gane i hope i get to get that picture and my be if i see manny agaen i will say hi and get a picture to .when the cnference is over we goign to go to sea world i cant waht i want to see the dolphins and i do not knwo what else we goign to right more later i know the spelling is bad on here but i cant fixit it till later i soory for the speiil but i sut nto good at that i rlay not goo at nothing.