Nausea and vomitting

My husband has had type 1D for 33 yrs, he’s 39 now. Awful stomach discomfort every day!!! Nausea daily, and vomit frequently. Last week he was hospitalized for 7 days and had every test you could imagine. CT scan, HIAA blood test, Hydascan, Ultrasound, EKG, Colonoscopy, etc… all leading to NO answers! We are so frustrated. Test results were always inconclusive, not “good” results but not “bad” either. He has lost a great deal of weight. We are totally at a loss and don’t know which direction to go next… It kills me to see him this kind of pain with no answers…any advice? Any suggestions are welcomed! Thanks and good luck to you all.

I went through about a month of that and they ended up removing my gall bladder even though all tests showed it was normal. After that I had no more problems. Turns out my gall bladder was inflamed, it just didn’t show up on the hydascan.

Gall bladders are awful for causing issue’s with no footprint back to them as Cody knows. Also gastoparises (sp) can cause daily vomiting and nausea and it does not always show up on the test for it since it is widely affected by certain foods. If he is worse after eating harder to digest foods i.e. meats, complex carbs and fiber you may want to run the test for emptying again with those foods instead of the usual egg which is easy to break down. Of course I am assuming they did the emptying test if they did not they need to. Not everyone who has gastoparises has blood sugar issues because some just are not digesting food so it does not show the early classic sign of elevated blood sugars 3 to 6 hours after eating.
Hope he feels better soon
Be loved

Thanks for the ideas! We did do several different emptying studies and motility studies with inconclusive results. We will definitely look into the gallbladder idea. I don’t recall the “egg” that some of you mentioned, I will ask the doctor about that. He did something called the sitzmarker test. If it is gastoparises, is there something to treat that or the symptoms? How can anyone live this way with no answers!!! Thanks again for your help and support.