Need advice for pre-conception blood sugar targets

Hi all, I need a little advice. My husband and I are wanting to start trying again this month (we had a miscarriage about 6 months ago) and I am nervous about where my targets are at. My pre-meal is hovering in the 120s but my average is below the 6.5 A1C threshold. My post meal is well within the target range. I can't seem to get my pre-meal any lower and its driving me crazy. Did anyone wait until their pre-meals were in the 70-110 range?

My Endo wanted my pre-meal between 60-90 which sounds nuts and was really hard. I think I hardly ever pulled it off, but she was really good about being understanding. My OBGYN was super reasonable and only checked my A1C, she left the rest up to me and my Endo. I also met and worked with a CDE before and during pregnancy. I sent them my logs every few weeks at least. I did an A1C every two months. Even with non-perfect numbers all the time I had an A1C below 6.0 the whole pregnancy. It sounds impossible, but once I knew I was pregnant I took "micro-managing" diabetes to whole new level. I was 6.3 right before conceiving. I have a healthy 4 month old baby! Definitely keep trying for that range. I would often take insulin and wait longer to eat. That was something I worked out with my dietician/CDE, if your doctor can arrange meeting with one it definitely was helpful!