What was your goal/actual A1C before conceiving?


I just went to my endo yesterday and started asking baby questions (gasp!). My husband and I probably won't start trying until the end of next year, but I was curious as to what your a1c goal was prior to conceiving (if the pregnancy was planned) and what your actual a1c was at conception?

My endo told me to get it under 6.5... I'm at 6.7 now. But she also said that if I were to go speak with a high risk doctor about it, he/she would probably tell me not to even TRY until 5.9. Gosh, I feel like I'll NEVER get there!

Thanks in advance for the input!! :)

Goal was 6.0%. Got it down to 6.1% and held it there for nine months before we finally conceived. Dropped into the high 5s during pregnancy.

my goal was a 6.5, although i was told anything below 7 would be ok. when i actually got pregnant, i was at a 6.0, and then went down from there.

5.7 before conceiving when i found out i was pregnant it was 4.8!!!

You will get there. My goal was under 6.5 as well (I went to the Joslin Pregnancy Clinic in Boston for pre-conception) and I actually got it to 6.0. My next one was 5.4! I have no idea how that one happened. I didn’t really change what I ate-I avoided restaurant meals which would put me really high. I think the key for me was to watch my numbers super carefully and adjust basals and i:c ratios. I was so anal about this. I was waking up at 120 every day so I adjusted my basal so that I was waking up at 90-100. These little things made the difference.
I am 9 weeks pregnant now and am actually finding it super stressful to keep my numbers so low. I am hungry ALL OF THE TIME.
Good luck!

My goal was 6.5 as well, but my doctor told us (with some hesitation) that we could start trying at 6.7. You will be amazed at the motivation increase once you start trying to conceive (which means that you start pretending you are pregnant). I think that my A1c will drop dramatically as I recently moved from the “getting ready to start trying” to the TTC category.

Elizabeth - are you happy with the care at Joslin? I have an initial appointment there next Tuesday with Dr. Haltrin I think, as well as with a nutritionist. I’m hoping it’s a positive experience! Congratulations on your pregnancy! -Christina

I can not say enough wonderful things about the Joslin. Are you going to Joslin or the Joslin pregnancy clinic? I first started at the Joslin this past February after I was diagnosed with type 1 at my physical (crazy). They took such excellent care of me-I had an endo, nutritionist, and nurse there. I also have my eyes checked there as well. After I went on my pump in June, I started across the street at Beth Israel at the Joslin pregnnacy clinic. I have a new endo (Dr Serdy-she is the best), nutrtitionist, and nurse there as well. My OB is Dr Takoudes-she started the Joslin pregnancy clinic with an endo.
Let me know if you have any other questions,

My high risk Dr. said 6.0. I got to 5.9 and got the go ahead. I was the last person to think that it could be done, but it happened! You can do it!!!

I absolutely know what you mean about being the last person to think that it could be done. I spent my first decade with Type 1 at 10.0 or higher. When I got my first 7.0 after 17 or so years with D, I cried and put it on the fridge with a magnet. I’ve been in the 6.0s or lower now for over two years. I never thought I’d get there, but I did it! I firmly believe that anyone can do it. That doesn’t mean it’s easy! I fully recognize that.

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Hi Kristina,

My endo wanted me to be below 7% before trying to conceive…once I got to 7.1% she said I could go ahead and start trying as there wasn’t much of a difference between 7.1 and 6.9. Two weeks later I was pregnant, which I didn’t think would happen that fast. For my whole entire pregnancy, I never got below 6.5%…I had an excellent, healthy pregnancy and my doctors nor i would have changed anything if I were to do it all over again. I delivered a healthy little girl on July 27th, and things are wonderful!

Good luck, as I know it is quite an adventure :slight_smile:

So glad to hear you’re having a positive experience there! I’m going to the pregnancy clinic. Unfortunately, we don’t live very close so we’ll probably only go there when we absolutely have to. I wish I had great doctors close by! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if its just an Irish thing but I was told to have a HbA1c of 7.0 or under. I really struggled for 2 years trying to get it under 7, even when I went on the pump it didnt change. It seemed to vary between 6.8 and 7.2. Even the nurse said to me that maybe I was just going to stay at that level, she could see how much work I was putting in! Anyway, as far as I remember it was 7.1 when I conceived (by IVF) and now at almost 24 weeks, its down to 5.5! If I’m honest, I have no idea how it has come down to that because I have done absolutely nothing differently than before. I was just as careful at monitoring blood sugars before! I have to admit, I am glad that I didnt have to get it under 6 because I would probably still be struggling with my HbA1c and not realise we have fertility issues at all.

You will get there though, you’re already under 7. You also have lots of time if you’re not planning to start for another year. You’ll be fine! I know it seems difficult but you are obviously putting in the effort at the minute so just keep it up and best of luck!

Elizabeth, I had a great first experience at Joslin! (Besides horrible traffic and getting lost, haha). I saw an endo and a nutritionist and they were both very nice and very encouraging. Makes me excited! :slight_smile:

hi…plz help me out…i m a known diabetic n i hv this unplanned pregnancy…n im 6 weeks pregnant n i got my HBA1c checked its 9.1…plz suggest sud i continue wth it or get it terminated…plz help me out i was on metformin all the time n when ever i checked last 3-4 mmonths my sugar was 12 or below fasting n 140-160 pp so plz help em im quite confuse here…

Hello Samriti, You can start good control today!

There are many success stories of women bringing their blood sugars down quickly and delivering healthy babies.

Usually people who take Metformin switch to insulin during pregnancy. Are you taking insulin as well?

Do you have a doctor that you can work with to make sure that your blood sugars are tightly controlled?

Elizabeth- I just noticed your post and it made me smile because my daughter was born in August and Dr. Serdy was my endo. and Dr. Takoudes was my OB… it sounds like you already know this, but I just wanted to tell you that you are in such good hands. I love them both and I’m convinced that they are the reason that my daughter was born perfectly healthy. Wishing you the best of luck with your pregnancy! Kris

hi kristin ya my blood sugar is in control now n im taking insulin …that is not my concern i m worried abt my a1c scores when i concieved …what kind aeffect they hv ha n my baby…

My A1c dropped to 6.5 before we actually conceived. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and my A1c one month later is down to 6.2. So I’m hoping to be under 6 during the second trimester. After about two years of “preparing for TTC”, I see how much quicker it dropped once we really started trying and then even more when I actually knew that our baby was sharing my blood sugars (among many other things)!