Need advise for the next Dr. Visit

My son is scheduled for the endo’s visit within the next two weeks. Every visit she looks at the numbers and makes insulin changes if needed. She also checks the AC1, but that’s about it. She has never requested any other type of blood testing or of any kind. Should I be worry? Is that the norm? Shouldn’t the Dr. require a c-peptide test or something? What test (if any) should I ask his Dr. to do? Any advise is appreciated……thanks!

I know when I go, my endo gives me blood work paper for A1C, cholestorol, and things like thyroid and such. Not sure about the peptide test. if you have concerns…voice them! It’s better to ask, then not ask and spend your time worrying =)

I agree w/ sugarrbabie. I always take a list of questions for my doctor and I ask them! I write them down because I know I will forget them if I don’t.

Hi Yen,
I hear your very real concerns and I want to say this very gently. YOU are the very best thing for your son. Your endo is doing what she does best, with the diabetes. Yes, definitely ask her anything you want to ask about anything he needs or anything you suspect he needs. But also remember that the very best protection a child can have is the kind of parent you obviously are… You are so caring about taking care of him that i am sure you are watching his diet and his exercise and watching for any signs of any problems he may have come up. Ask is he needs thyroid tests or anything else. And i am sure you are keeping up with his visits to the pediatrician Then just sit back and take a deep breath. How wonderful it is that he has such a loving father. Enjoy these years of childhood. They grow up so fast. And try to ease the worries inside of you because he will pick up on them Make things as easy as you can for both of you. Make your list and talk to him about it and ask him if there is anything he may want to ask his doctor. It may ease things for both of you.

I agree with all comments.Write your questions and discuss it with your son’s doctor.This way you teach the doctor to ask you the recommended question: any questions you like to ask my dear!!!

I have had Type 1 since I was a child and am now 28. To my knowledge, I’ve never had a C-peptide test. As long as your child is having his A1c checked every 3-6 months and possibly a 24-hour urine collection every year (although that might happen when he’s older or has had diabetes 10 or more years), your doctor sounds as though she’s fulfilling any endo’s basic treatment and testing plan for Type 1 patients. I’m not a doctor - just speaking from my experience.

But everyone here is right. Write down your questions and never be afraid to ask them. I ALWAYS arrive at my educator’s door with a list of written questions and if she can’t answer them, my endo is my next stop. You are paying for that time with a professional who has answers you need. Get everything out of it that you can!

Thank you all for your great feedback…I feel a lot better now that I know we are doing the right thing…I will most definitely discuss with the endo the possibility of testing his Cholesterol and Tyroid for safety…we do check his eyes every year with the opthamoligist, but we have never tested him for Cholesterol…that is a great suggestion…thank you all again!!!

Saundra your words ease my worries…you are right, we need to sit back, take a breath and enjoy him…thanks a world!!!

When I go to the endo, most of the time is looking at numbers (logs of blood sugar readings) and making adjustments. Then she always checks my feet (poking them to make sure I feel it in all places) and feels for a goiter in my thyroid with her hand (pushing on my neck).

Blood tests that I know about are the same as the others mentioned-- thyroid is definitely important!! And I think that a 24 urine test is also a good idea to test kidney function. My doctor said that we would start that when I had diabetes for 5 years. So it may not be urgent. About the thyroid: A TSH test will measure thyroid function, but they can also do a test to know about thyroid antibodies. My new endo did this and while we discovered that my thyroid is still working fine, I have Hashimoto’s and will need to take medication for hypothyroidism soon. Just good to know things to watch for.

I do not think that I ever had a test for c-peptide or for antibodies. These tests are usually important to determine if the diabetes is type 1 or type 2. If it’s clear that it is type 1, the doctor might say that those tests aren’t necessary.

Hope that appointment goes well!