Need all the Australian's help for this

As some of you all know, our government has a scheme set up to help people purchase a pump if they do not have private health insurance or can not afford it. Generally its only about 50%. Many people can not afford afford the private health insurance policies and the gap amount for the scheme is still way too much for families to afford and are left without having access to better treatments for Type 1. Also regarding the CGM side, our government provides no funding via the NDSS. Insurance companies will not fund them as they are seen as a “luxury”. This is simply not the case. These systems combined will greatly help with controlling Type 1 and with government funding, even more people can have access to the technology. So I please ask you to sign this petition and please pass it on to everyone. The more signatures we have, the more we will be heard and listened to. We all deserve to have equal access to the best possible treatment we can get. Other countries fund both items for their people. Why can’t our government do the same for us?

Thank you all in advance :slight_smile: We really deserve this funding!