Need better understanding of Dual Wave and Square Wave bolus

Can anyone give me a ‘starting point’ to a better understanding of when to use the Dual Wave or the Square Wave bolus? When I had my pump training about 6 months ago, the pump trainer was ready to leave and then she said “Oh…I forgot to tell you about the dual wave and square wave…and I don’t have time right now. I will call you later to set up a time for that.” She never called back and now I would like to learn about it. I like my pump which is the Medtronic Revel, but I want to learn how to better understand how this part of it operates. Thank You for any advice you can offer.

Normal bolus(used with sugary food like regular sodas,low or no fat\protein intake):
the pump delivers the whole dose the time you press (Act) to quickly cover the sugars and it looks like this:

Square bolus(with food high in fat or protein like steaks):
the pump slowly infuses insulin over an extended amount of time to cover the slowly metabolized food.

dual square(used when you’re eating high carb + high fat meals such as pizza, pasta with heavy cream sauce, and chocolate cake)
first it delivers a part of the dose(50/50 or 70/30) upfront and the rest is extended over a period of time.
it combines both previous types,the normal bolus-first part- covers the carbs and the square bolus-last part-covers the fat.

Thank You to both of you for replying. No problem for me to read ‘copy and paste’ links. And I did read all 16 pages of the link :slight_smile: It is a lot of information to absorb, but I will get through it and who knows maybe some of it will sink into the gray matter in my head.

Asma - Your visual graphs should be mandatory reading for Doctors as no one had ever explained that to me…ever! I guess it is no big surprise that my A1C hasn’t been very good lately.

I should read from that link to,to make the information sink in.

as for the graphs,I use them every time someone asks about the boluses ,I got it from Wikipedia.

I like the concept but I have very little luck using them successfully. I usually do multiple boluses to cover the sort of party/ appetizer/ pizza scenarios they suggest square/ dual wave boluses are useful for.

For my dinner this evening I took my mealtime bolus as a dual wave (70/30) over 2 hours. My bg kept rising right up to the 3 hour mark before it started coming down. I am beginning to think that multiple boluses might be a better option for me as well. It is really discouraging to have bg numbers turn out awful when I’ve tried to do the right thing.