Need help with Excersise? Check this out


This site is absolutely amazing for getting yourself to understand all the reasons for your hypo’s during exercise. It does come at a cost (this site) however I don’t think anything has EVER helped me this much. I’ve been searching for something that would truly help me to understand what happens in my body and to avoid hypo unawareness from all the current exercise I am doing. Please just have a look through, it could be the answer to all your problems!! :smiley:

Kath :slight_smile:

Here it is again if you couldn’t find the link :stuck_out_tongue:

There was no information on the website I could find, unless you were willing to pay money. Not that there’s anything wrong with the owner of the website charging for his services, but it makes it very hard to figure out if it is worth anything.

Here’s an alternative: There are numerous articles, and even a blog, that can be read for free. And if you like what you find, you can buy her book, “The Diabetic Athlete”, available from amazon, etc. and described on her website. I bought her book and its a good source of info if you’re trying to figure out things like why exercise can affect your BG in very different ways.

Whoops, make that “Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook” from 2009 that I bought and read. I think it is an updated version of her earlier “The Diabetic Athlete” from 2001 which I don’t own.

I assure you, it is worth every cent. Plus I’m not here to tell anyone to buy anything, I’m just saying if you feel lost for options this is a great idea from my experience. Thank you for your suggestion as well though. I just wanted to share my appreciation of this guy who has dedicated his time into developing a very detailed and practical solution to our type 1 diabetic struggles. That in itself is priceless to me.