Need More Info

Hello my name is Kasey , and my younger brother of 17 just found that he now has type 2 diabetes , and i was wondering if any body could tell me a lilttle more about and what i can do for him
That would be great thank you

Hi Kasey,
Did the doctor put your brother on any kind of medication? I’ve been a Type 2 diabetic for almost 4 yrs now. I didn’t really take it that seriously at first. I did take the medicine the doctor gave me but other than that I didn’t follow any kind of diet or anything. Mistake on my part. Now my A1C level is up to 7.8 and my doctor tells me that is high enough to cause damage to other parts of my body. That scares me so now I am dieting and excersising. I’m on metformin as well as Byetta, and although it seems to be taking forever to help me I think the Byetta is finally kicking in. If your brothers doctor did not tell him to go see a diabetic educator he should. They will help him plan his meals out and show him how to count carbs which is very important. Just be there for your brother when he needs you. Hope this helped.


Good advice Kathy. That is what I was thinking too. If your brothers doctor hasn’t set him up with a dietician then I think that would be a good first step. I was diagnosed 8 mos. ago and I didn’t know the simplest things like what I could eat. My dietician was so helpful, and made me feel less overwhelmed. Maybe you could suggest to your brother that he get on tudiabetes. I’m new to it also and there are alot of knowledgeable people on here. Good luck to you and your brother and let him know that he might have to change some things but he will feel alot better when his levels come down.

Hi Kasey -

You’re a good sister. I would also highly recommend Blood Sugar 101