Need opinions... what would you do?

I have a undiagnosed condition almost two years. Constant leg pain, twitching, leg stiffness, leg tightness, heavy etc. It feels like sitting or standing makes it worse; it’s so bad …my legs buckle and feels like 10,000 pounds on your legs. Also feels like you ran 100 miles. HOW can doctors help you out of it even physically? How would it affect you overall? Would it cause other conditions (mentally) and change you/reality? Would you just 'accept ’ it? Just b/c they don’t find anything yet, can they still help you? (ONe doctor told me, “I’m not going to invent something just to treat you…” :confused: )Have had nearly every medical test done, all negative. Might try for genetic testing. Is this negligence, when doctors have even not agreed to see me, and say, ‘I don’t know what to say…’ ?

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Sometimes it just takes the right doctor to be able to figure it put. I believe the Mayo Clinic is known for that.

The story I always remember is a customer of mine came in and said his grandmother had arms that would shake like crazy and she had seen several doctors at Kaiser and it was not Parkinsons but they didn’t know what it was. He had heard of a really good doctor he was going to take her too outside the group to see if they had any ideas.

Next time I saw him he said the doctor immediately knew what it was and there was a surgery that you insert an implant that would stop the shaking. He went back to Kaiser and told them he needed to get an okay for an outside surgery. Kaiser told him they have a doctor that specializes in that surgery, But not one doctor she had seen there had a clue what it was.

It took 3 foot doctors to diagnose a big toe that I had dislocated and never healed right.

It’s frustrating to have something wrong and for it to be really bothering you and not having the answers. I have found for me chiropractors and acupuncturists can be really helpful as long as they are really good ones.


Oh Sweetgal, I realize how awful it is to have something physically wrong that no one knows how to treat. A few years ago, I went to 11 doctors over a period of 3 yrs trying to get help with chronic fatigue. Many tried to help and failed. Finally the second naturopath I went to was able to cure me. I went from needing a wheelchair to being able to hike in a matter of weeks.

For me, although quite expensive and very,
very frustrating, perseverance paid off. Don’t give up.


I’m not sure what type of specialist you might see for this - neurologist, orthopedist, maybe both?

Your problems sound neurological. It is a shot in the dark but have you been tested for motor nerve neuropathy.

No matter what don’t give up. Often times when doctors are stumped they try to blame the patient. They may even insinuate it may be in your head. Don’t let them do that to you. Insist to them that this is real.