Need suggestions for lows

Hello all. So I’ve recently started biking and running. I picked up cycling about a month ago, and the running just started this week. I’m having major problems with lows. Actually, it’s not so much the lows as fixing them that’s the problem. I’m currently calorie counting to lose weight. Normal meals and snacks don’t seem to the problem, but everything I’ve used in the past to fix a low seems to be piled high with carbs and subsequent calories. I’m looking for some suggestions.

I keep Gatorade on hand when I’m on my bike, and it’s not loaded with calories, but glucose tabs are, and in the past, that’s been my quick and easy fix. Any suggestions as to what to use?

I’m also looking for some guidance on what to eat or drink before a long bike or a long run. I always carry food and my meter with me on my bike, but I don’t always carry it on a run. I don’t like having anything on my body or in my hand. Like I said, all of this is recent, so any suggestions to help me stick with the exercise regiment and healthy eating would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Well, I use glucose tabs or Jelly Bellys for lows. Also, if exercising I make sure I eat a high protein snack…peanut butter works well for me.
I dont have a good suggestion in regards to calories. Maybe reduce your insulin amount on the days you ride. Less fast-acting and maybe you would need to lower your basal insulin as well if you are riding daily.
Wishing you well

Victoria, have you ever concidered getting a pump? then you could decrease your basal rates when excercising and eliminate the problem of having the lows.
As far as correcting for a low, you need carbs. 1 gram of carb has 4 calories a glucose tablet is about as straight as you are going to get (no added fat or any thing else)

If you have to take some thing with you running, Check out I have a spi belt for my CGM but the are made for runners. It is very comfortable, conforms to the shape of what you put in it and doesn’t shift or bounce or even move at all.
Hope this helps! good luck.

Victoria, It sounds like your on the right path. You are easing into your exercise program and eating healthy food. Finding what worked for me while doing triathalons and distant runs was a bit of trial and error. Carrying dehydrated fruit and fruit bars is an option. They are lighr weight and pack a nutritious punch. I run on a high school tracknor the college track. It allows me to check my BG and drink/eat without having to carry anything. I know what you are saying about the cumbersome of runnig with a meter and food/drink. It makes me feel like a llama on the trail. It is my experience that nothing sheds weight like running. The trick is to be wise and safe. Keep running! Pat

Pat, I’d love to talk to more sometime. Triathlons are what I’m leaning toward… well, mini-triathlons. I’m struggling with the running right. My first 5K is Sept. 12, and I’ve got a long way to go. I biked in a mini-triathlon (six miles) last weekend with my two roommates, and it hooked me. My goal is to do the entire thing next year. I’m trying, but taking baby steps. Thanks for the advice, and I really would love to pick your brain about running sometime.

I did this for a while – using a spin bike (instead of being on the open road) and calorie restriction. It worked, but it was hard to keep up once I reached my goal. While cycling, I used Vitamin Water, which has some calories and carbs, but diluted 50% with water. I also kept the glucose tablets close by – only 16 carbs and 60 calories for a 4 tablet serving. The lows are awful when calorie counting – I would often waste 20% of my daily calories on glucose tablets. Good luck, and keep us posted.

victoria how about alternating btwn biking and walking ? you know certain days you bike and then certain days you walk . I suggest some apple juice boxes and some of those peanut butter crackers . this all works pretty well for me and when I am working in an office i used the juice boxes and the peanut butter crackers . of course I got written up a couple of time for eating at my desk no exceptions but that is a whole other story if you like to hear it sometime I will be glad to tell you . anyways those are my suggestions . good luck .