Need to lose the weight again! HELP!

When I was first diagnosed I had lost alot of weight. Which I seemed to always be on a diet but never got anywhere. I was told since my body wasn’t using the sugar for energy that it started to use the fat and then made ketones. But that’s why I lost weight. SO now that I’m on insulin and oral meds I’ve gained all the weight back and more. Is there a good book I can buy to guide my weight loss, hopefully. How do I lose weight helthfully?

I actually liked my skinny form for once but it’s gone again. What do I do now?

I use Atkins “New Diet Revolution”. His earlier books had too much hype, this later one is much better. A lot of the group use Bernstien’s “Diabetes Solution”. Since you are on insulin, that might be a better bet for you. I also would recommend that you read Jenny’s bloodsugar101 website. She has an article on crashing off a low carb diet which is excellent. She tells you what happens with your body when you start eating carbs again. I have found it much easier to stay committed because of her advice.

It is a tightrope we walk with medication, diet and exercise. You can eat heathier foods (think non-processed, protein, whole grains, low-carb high-fiber fruit and veggies). Exercise consistently and make sure you test your b.s. before/during and after exercise if necessary.
I would DEFINITELY meet with a diabetes educator/dietician who can help you plan out some healthy meals that will encourage weight loss.

i just had my last diabetes education class today and i learned alot from it. i had just lost 4 pounds this week but i hadn’t been eating enough carbs either. i now purchased the calorie king book and found out there is alot of food you can eat and not be afraid. i am on a 1360 calorie diet and can eat 45 cards at a meal for now. in the last month since i was diagnose it has been a whirl wind but its coming all together.i have lost a toal now of a hunder and fifteen pounds it took 2 years but its was all good. amy just take your time and do the best you can watch your carbs and the food u eat make sure if u can to do those 6 meals thats how i did the weight lose. unless u r told different.



I haven’t checked it out yet but someone told me to check out the web site If I check it out and find it useful I’ll let you know…if you do let me know what you think.