Kay I really want to lose weight.. I need help

I’m so bad at dieting I’m not over weight I’m a healthy weight but I’d still like to be a little slender. I just yo yo diet and I know that is so bad. I have such a hard time staying motivated after a week or two I just go back to bad habits. Plus I live with my parents and they don’t have the best eatting habits and I’ve tried talking to them about it always turns into a fight and I don’t know it’s just to hard. I have my own money not very much so does anyone know cheap healthy food? I can snack or even make for meals. Any ideas or how do you guys stay motivated. I really need to get into a routine and start working out. I feel so lazy I’m always saying oh I’m going to do this or do that and I never do it I’ve been waiting to lose weight since I was like 14 years old. I’m 18 now. I’m 5’8 about 150 - 155 lbs before I was diagnosed I got down to 140 I felt so cute but I didn’t know I was so sick. Of course once I got on insulin I got back to my regular weight. I’d really realllllly like to get to about 130 or 135. So advice advice I’m going to let everyone know about my journey if I can actually do this.

See that’s the thing I don’t even really believe in myself or think I can because I’ve failed so many times. I really want to do this healthy.

You can do it. It sounds like you are already healthy so a few simple steps every week (not all at once or you can easily burn out) should help. Plan realistic changes you can make this week and then the week after that. Good luck!

I gained 15lbs in two months post-diagnosis and insulin (dx in sept). I’ve managed to lose 5-8 lbs of it (depending on the day) but I would ideally be 10lbs less than what I am now. I sublet an attic room so working out up there is not really an option and I dont feel as comfortable in my new kitchen yet in order to start cooking (recent move) a lot of healthy food. So I need less help with motivation and more help with solutions for working out, eating well.

Keep me posted

Hi Jamie,
Don’t cut yourself up to much regarding Yo-yo dieting. It seems to just happen given the way we the marketing of diet information is to us. It’s always presented as, do this one thing and it will change everything. When really we only need to do a bunch of stuff relatively well. Try making your self a bit of a promise list to yourself that is realistic, small steps just like Jackie has said.
Do you have a friend you can workout with?
How are you getting on?

I understand your frustration. I have a lot more to lose (like 30-40) and it is SO difficult. I actually do all of the right things (at least what I’ve learned are the right things) but still can’t seem to lose more than 10 lbs because of all this insulin! UGH! I mean, I eat no more than 1400 calories a day with carbs coming only from fruits and and whole grains (roughly 30-45 per meal). I also work out every day or at least 5 days a week. I do an hour of cardio everyday and and ad an hour of weights every other day. Again, I feel like anybody that’s not diabetic would lose weight easily doing all of this but because of the insulin (about 60 units a day which is down from 90 a day before taking control of my diet and exercise…my basals haven’t changed, I just don’t eat as many carbs) I can’t seem to make anything happen. I would love some advice and tips as well!