Needed some tips

my daughter (type 1)6 year old, her morning readings always vary between 70 to 150) . as breakfast ,we give her 1 parantha( little fried )with 10 units 50-50 humalog,at 9 a.m,as a refreshment in schools we give her two bread piece , (she hate brown bread ) or 2 servings of rice (we call plaoe)
she take it in school around 11.30, her readings comes out more than 350 daily,which we check daily in school while we go to pick our younger daughter. if she is at home we give her fruit at 12 ,replacing rice serving ,but at home she feels hypo some time ,so avoid hypo at school ,her bs level rises,which also frustrate us.

Rice, bread & fruit aren’t good choices for someone with diabetes. These foods are way too high in carbs & why she has such dangerously high readings. Are you counting her carbs to match with insulin?

Is she really having hypos, or just feeling like she is? When people have highs, like 350, having more normal blood sugar feels low because the body gets used to highs. How low are the lows?

When your daughter has morning readings that are high, do you correct with insulin? If she’s starting the day at 150 without correcting, her blood glucose will continue to rise.

Can you pair her rice with food that has more protein in it - yoghurt, for instance, or egg - to slow down the absorption of all those carbs. Also do you have her on a long-acting basal insulin?

As far as Rebel Rita’s advice is concerned, I respectfully disagree. She’s an adult and if she wants to put her health in the hands of a doctor and not do any of it herself, that’s her decision, but doctors can’t be involved day-to-day in a child’s care – children are much more difficult to manage because of their rapid changes in food & insulin needs. There is a lot of good advice out there from other parents in the parents forum. You can learn from doctors, sure, but you are the expert in how your child responds to different foods & situations, so a “they are the experts” attitude isn’t going to help your daughter any.

Agree with Elizabeth.

Your daughter’s doctor needs to teach you about her insulin:carb ratio, timing of insulin, counting carbs & how to correct highs so you’re knowledgeable about making small adjustments as needed. But, we can’t relay on experts for daily management. We have to be the experts.

Your daughter should not have readings of 350 & something needs to drastically change. Her diet & her insulin regiment need to be evaluated soon.