What is normal

Not sure if this is a fair question, but I wanted to ask it anyways. I have a 6 year old with type 1, newly dx, and I check her bg everynight at 2:30 am. At what bg number should I be concerned with at 2:30 am? If she is under 120 I usally give her a small amount of carbs and when she gets up in the morning she is around 90-110. Should I let it go and see what happens.

For a 6 year old, what you are doing sounds right to me.

As an adult with type 1, I would not have a snack at 120, but if she is waking up at 90-110 with the snack then it seems right. Perhaps you could leave it some time and check at 4:30 and see if she is dropping from 120 then. (I know ANOTHER sleepless night!! :(…)

What type of insulin are you using and what time do you give it? When I was taking Lantus before bed, I had to eat snacks during the night to keep from going low. Other people give it in the morning or split it into two doses and are able to avoid more nighttime lows.

i would be a nervous wreck. is there any way you can back off on her basal at night? if she’s needing a snack in the middle of the night to keep from going low…that doesn’t seem right.

thanks for the replies, I will followup with our doctor on changing the levemir to morning

Depending on how she is trending (low or high), I will normally make sure E. is 120 at bedtime, sometimes push it up to 130. She is less stable evenings and overnights than days. If all goes well, same thing occurs, she will wake up 70 thru 110 or 120. So I would be happy with those numbers and generally do the same thing. I do check always, at 12 midnight and 1:30 and 3am or on a good night 12 and 2:30am. Adjustments are necessary 30 percent of the time. Either giving insulin for highs or feeding lows. Have never been able to “set it and forget it” when it comes to basals evenings and overnights. I can definitely set my mind at ease during the day, barring exercise, that she will be relatively flat. So it depends on your child, but I think most children need blood sugar checks and adjustments overnight due to growth hormones which do not occur to the same degree in adulthood.


What you are doing sounds right, why on earth are you doing it at 230? That’s nuts…

Give her that snack just before bedtime, not the middle of the blessed night. If you don;t like the readings in the morning (when the SUN is up >: > ) add some fat or protein to the bedtime snack and that will delay the breakdown a while longer.

This is all new stuff for you, but if you keep doing it you’ll make yourself sick too. Sleep deprived, mommy serves nobody’s interests… and you will become sick yourself in more ways than one.


I too would like to know what normal in the night readings should be! So I can’t help, but I will share our story. My 2 yr old, dx last Aug check high at night. No matter what. But if she doesn’t have a small snack (6 carbs being milk and then a little something else) before bed she will bottom out around 6am. Her night time checks are 230 to 375. Yet we do nothing and then in the morning she is 120-220. Keep in mind b/c she is so little the Drs. have set a target range of 150 to 250, but encourage 100 to 200. Can’t increase her Lantus, and might even being decreasing it again, b/c after her nap at 4-5pm she is have consistent lows. Tried adding a snack before nap, and even 1/4 of a graham cracker sent her to 400. What is normal in the middle of the night?