Unexplained highs

The last 22 hours have been crappy. A 277 unexplained high at midnight last night and took 10 hours to get under 200. High (for me) all day and I have completely screwed a good A1C. I have double bolused, double corrected, doubled basaled, and low carbed all day. I have lied to my pump to override everything and I am starving to death. No more stress than usual, not pregnant, premenstrual, menopausal, and haven’t been sick since 1985–but I want to kill something! Will I ever get back to some semblance of control or should I just start binging on M&Ms and start smoking again? Good lord I hate this and want to go back to my old normal life.

Thanks for listening to that temper tantrum and now I will put on my big girl pants and deal.

I hate feeling high and frustrated by repeated attempts to lower BGs. One can exhaust her/his bag of tricks and feel physically and emotionally drained.

And then I just want to stop the world and get off. But work and other commitments don't permit. Sometimes I think just living to fight another day is the only reasonable goal.

Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.

Have you only been high for the past day? Or is it an ongoing problem? If it's only been for the last day, then that's really frustrating, but it won't ruin a good day and it doesn't mean you will never be back under control. I've had kind of a crazy day today (woke up at 232 at 3 in the morning, corrected and woke up at 50 at 8 am, had breakfast and was 328 at 12 pm, and thankfully the rest of the day has been a bit more stable ...). I hope you get things under control soon!