Needle Disposal

Where/how do you dispose of your needles? It used to be that I broke my infusion set needles off to the point I could put a cap on it and put the needle part safely in the resevoir/infusion set packaging. Then with MM’s snap over design, I really don’t worry about the infusion set. But I just recently started on CGMS and man that’s a big needle. I personally haven’t figured out how to dispose of it safely and am on the verge of buying my first sharps container.

How do y’all dispose of your CGMS sensor introducer needles?

Just use an old coffee can or an empty laundry detergent bottle (or something comparable). I called my municipality to find out if they had any special requirements, and that’s what they told me to use. Maybe call yours and check if that concerns you. I didn’t used to care when I used syringes, and I just capped them and tossed them in the trash, but I try to be more responsible about it now. I think some local hospitals will give out free sharps disposal boxes though, so if your heart is set on one of those, find out if you can at least get a free one.

I contacted our city sanitation dept. and they require that all needles be placed in a container with a lid that will stay on. I just wash out a milk jug, stick it under the bathroom sink and drop all my needles in the jug. When it is full I just take it to our local dump and they have a place just for medical needle. Works great for me…

You know Mike I have to ask my patients this question,it is really important.The problem all garbage are collected together,There is a place to collect glass and papers,but not needles.Thanks for alerting us to such an important public health hazard