Needle disposal?

Heyya, im really new to diabetes and really bad at computers too but i was just wondering what other peoples do with used needles when not at home. So when im at home or at work (nurse) theres always a sharps bin around the place but when im off or away i have a magnet in the lunchbox which i keep all my diabetic craic in to keep all the used needles together. Does anyone have a better way of storing used needles??

And going to concerts or football matches , will security let you in with needles??Suppose that questions more for other peoples in Ireland ??

Cool Thanx

I don’t generally dispose of needles in public, when I was using a pen, I just left the needles on for a day or two.

You should be able to carry your necessary supplies anywhere. You might need to obtain a doctor’s letter, but to be honest, I’m not sure anyone’s ever wanted to see mine.

Hi There!

I just put the caps back on my syringes tightly and put them in a snack size zip lock bag, put it in my coat pocket or purse. Haven't had a problem.

No one has asked me about my Diabetes supplies at the hockey game or others, but I haven't been to Ireland. I did feel sorry for the Guy exraying my "drug bag" at the airport on the home trip. I had my "drug bag", stuffed with junk, medications, my belt, couple clothes, Diabetes supplies, devices, etc. I could tell he wasn't making head or tail of what was in the bag on the screen. He glanced over at me, shook his head and passed it through. I guess I looked innocent enough. :)

I use pens. I will leave the needle on the pen until I get home at the end of the day. If I am traveling I have a diabetes kit with a small reusable sharps container that I can dump when I get home. And then in a pinch I will put the small cap on the needle and put it in one of the small side pouches in my kit and then dump it when I get home.

I carry a small film can with my diacrap for this purpose, then i dump it out when I get home. An empty glucose tablet container works well also. For longer trips involving hotels, I recommend an empty bottle of water. I have never been hassled for any of these things, including entering rock'n'roll concerts (in the US), airport security (so far US and France), and being searched by US customs.