Needles size and scar tissue

Will a longer needle or thicker needle cause more scar tissue over time?

Needles for MDI have gotten shorter and thinner over time making them more comfortable to use but I never experienced scar tissue from needles, probably because I am careful about not using the same injection spot on a frequent basis.

In 60 years of giving shots I have never had scar tissue. Skin looks really good. The needles I started with were huge. The ones we use now are unbelievably tiny.

I have noticed more marking from the CGM, but it seems to eventually fade away.

My two cents - I don’t think anybody knows the answer to this for sure.

When I started on sensor and insulin pump, I was really worried about developing scar tissue. Its been 11 years on sensor and probably around 8 years on a pump, and I don’t really have any noticeable problems from scar tissue. Although, I do suspect that I hit scar tissue with my pump last week, because I got horrid absorption and basically ran high for 3 days until I changed out the pump. But, this only happens, like, two or 3 times per year.

I wouldn’t worry about a longer or thicker diameter needle. Use whatever. Just rotate the injection site.

Do you rotate? Do you suspect that you have scar tissue now? What makes you think that you do or you don’t?

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I have been pushing insulin for 45 years and I do not believe I have any scar tissue. Now shard or dull needles? In the old days we had to sharpen our needles and I believe that dull needles can create scar tissue.

I am so thankful for disposable needles.

When I was on needles 15 yrs ago the needles where short and very thin. With the pump I do have some scar tissue. Wish there was something they could do for pumpers.