Nepali people diabetes experience

dear friends
goodevining, namastee and greeting from kathmandu, nepal

just fewdays ago, i found and visit this website, so since that i am visiting everyday few minutes or hour in this website, i just start to write few friends and thoguth i also should try to start this ( blog) not knowing how it work, if it is like writing and receiving like email? and i hope to learn and share something with you regarding diabetes, specailly i like to ask and tell you if you are using and eating cinamon, bitter gaurd, and fenugreek to keep balance or making low blood sugar, then do you beleive, is it helping you, if it is all find in your nearest shop.
beside running( walking ) what other exercise is best for reduce diabetes, i have type 2 since 3 year.

i hope to have answer and comment regarding my inquiry and request
kathmandu, nepal

Shyam, welcome to Tudiabetes. You will find many people here who share your affliction and are willing to provide advice on myriad topics. I, personally, have not tried eating cinnamon or fenugreek to lower my BG ( and I confess that I am not familiar with bitter gaurd), but a friend gave me a paper discussing the health benefits of eating cinnamon with honey to cure a variety of ills. If I decide to try it, I will post back to you to let you know if it worked.
Peace and Regards,

dear Mr. Steve,
thanks for replying and being here, i will glad to hear from you, sometime i read in health article that this all ( cinamon, fenugreek and bittergaurd) still not prove to low blood glucose, but it is also that in most article people or patient are adviced and suggest to take all that.i asked few UK , USA friends that bittergaurd is not available in their country. i am not eating daily, but sometime and whenver i like and available.
do you have and got any other disease apart from diabetes? i have blood pressure that is 125/85
thanks for sharing me
looking forward your reply
kind regards