Neuropathy and Sleep

Hi Cynthia. I like Richard have been diabetic for a long time, over 40 years. I’ve been pumping for the last 12. Marizona007 gave you great advice. I’m unfamiliar with “Think like a Pancreas” but it sounds pretty good. I’ve never had any one adjust my basals, calculate my carb or correction ratios since the day I received my first pump. The Diabetic Educator who showed me when I got the pump was very good When you set a rate you have to pay very close attention. The greatest risks are nighttime lows. So test every 2-3 hours through the night and test frequently through the day as well. I routinely test just before breakfast, lunch and dinner two hours after each meal and just before I go to bed. That’s 7 times daily. Additionally, my experience is that after you become more stable, that is not going from highs to lows and bouncing back and forth, you become more sensitive/aware of lows and highs as well. It happened to me. In the beginning on shots I was all over the place and my A1c’s were between 8 and 10. Since I began pumping I’ve never been over 7.0. I average around 6.3 - 6.4. This disease seems to take over your life. It takes awhile to understand you’re not the only one with the problem. That’s why there is a TuDiabetes. I look at it as though it might have saved my life rather than lost it. I feel as though I have avoided many other problems by sticking to my diet, getting my exercise, etc. I have to admit it took a few years before I began to see it that way. Hopefully, your insurance situation now will pay for the strips you’ll need to pay the required attention to diabetes. Good Luck. I hope things get better for you. Take charge.