I’m not sure, but I think I might be having symptoms of neuropathy. I would really appreciate your insight.
Sometimes, I’ll be sitting down on the floor on my knees, you know with my feet kind of tucked under. Well, sometimes my feet fall asleep afterwards, and I know that’s normal. What’s not normal is how long my feet stay asleep and how red they get after I get up. Normally, things are back to normal when your feet fall asleep after a minute or so and start walking around, right? Well, mine stay that way, get really red, and get that pricking feeling for about 5 minutes. Walking it off doesn’t help. As a matter of fact, it hurts too much to walk when they’re like that. This has been going on for maybe a few weeks. I’m not sure if it’s neuropathy, but it seems like it. I don’t understand why it would be though, since my a1cs have been consistently in the 5-6% range for the past 4 1/2 years since I was diagnosed. My blood sugars are usually pretty stable also, so I don’t really understand. Can you please maybe tell me your theories as to what might be happening? I would really appreciate it!

I would explain everything you’ve said here to your diabetologist/endocrinologist. Have you ever had your feet examined by a diabetologist/endocrinologist where they check pulses and prick your feet in different places with a monofilament?

Get it checked out. It may not be diabetes-related at all. You say you keep good control, but even good control is no cast-iron guarantee against complications from this fabulous condition, but it does, nevertheless, stack the odds in your favour. So aiming for good control is always, always worth it.

Yeah, I see an endocrinologist. They don’t REALLY check out my feet too much. The person I see usually does a quick check pulse with their hands. I haven’t lost any feeling in my feet, and the only time I experience any problems is if I sit on my feet or something.

it sounds more like circulation than neuropathy. i have got the beginnings of neuropathy in my foot, it is a constant buzz, like i am standing on a low voltage wire. when i sit funny and cut the circulation to my foot, i can tell because the buzzing stops. that said, you should definitely get it checked, circulation issues are as much of a worry as neuropathy…

I have had the same thing happen to me since I was diagnoised. My a1cs aren’t as good as yours (yet) I think for me the issue could be that since I’m now taking insulin I’ve gained weight and there is more pressure on my feet. I mentioned this to my endo and she dismissed it right away, saying I haven’t had diabetes long enough for it to be neuropathy. After asking a few more questions about it she said it could be my circulation or the shoes I was wearing since they didn’t offer the best support.

I hope you can get a better answer from your endo