Neuropathy Symptons and Vitamins - Any Answers?

During the past few years, even before I was diagnosed with T2 Diabets, I have had slow deterioration of the balls of my feet and toes. It started when I was still pretty active and jogged 3-4 miles a day, along with many other activities. It started with the feeling of a folded sock on the balls of my feet and now it is to the point that there is a constant feeling of burning. Feeling is still in all my toes and the balls of my feet. My doctor wanted me to try taking Vitamin B2 and magnesium pills, even though my bloodtests showed that I was not deficient. Feet are ok too.

I have been taking those vitamin supplements for a month now, without any improvement. To get to the point, I noticed that my glucose levels all of a sudden were elevated, even after walking or biking for an hour. Through a process of elimination, I came to the conclusion that it has to be the vitamin pills. Two days I went off them and my glucose levels are well within my target range again. Has anyone else experienced this?

I have not used B2 and magnesium pills. (You may want to read some of my other posts concerning my neuroaphy experience). However, I have been using Alpha Lipoic Acid and Benfotiamine vitamin supplements for a few weeks, and I am getting some noticeable relief from the neuroaphy that affects my feet. My glucose levels have not been elevated from the use of these vitamins.

Neilin thank you, I will certainly check it out. Anything is worth a try right now.

Alberta Cowpoke,
There is a new Discussion which was posted today . It’s called the “Joys of Neuropathy” posted by Alan, a long-term Type 1 diabetic from England. It was posted in the “General Diabetes Topics and Prediabetes” Forum.

Thank you Peetie I will have a look at it .