Numbness in toe

This morning I woke up with a numbness in my big toe. Has anyone else had this problem? My sugars have been well lately. Im kind of scared to ask my dr. Afraid it will be something serious. THought I would ask around to see if it is worth asking the dr.

I had a strange numbness in my feet that lasted about a month and then went away. I freaked out about it, but the doctor checked for neuropathy and saw no signs. It’s worth asking the doctor and take the usual precautions (good shoes, check your feet for cuts, etc).

If you do have neuropathy, there are many treatments that can now be use to help repair (or even prevent) nerve damage. There are two supplements that I started taking once I found this out. One is benfotiamine (which is a fat soluable form of B1). Another is Alpha Lipoic Acid with biotin. Perhaps ask your doctor about these.

I have had this happen as a result of back problems leading to pinched nerves. One of my toes was numb for almost a year about 8 years ago, after I went climbing hills and did something to my already messed up back. It came back on its own, without any harm being done.

So It may be a disc problem. Did you do anything that might have caused twisting or strain on your lower back?

My doctor old me diabetic neuropathy is usually symmetrical–on both sides, but the disc stuff is on one side.

Hope yours clears up fast!