New CGM coming

A non-invasive CGM is being developed by TOUMAZ who have received a 7.1 million Euro grant to develop the “DIAdvisor” glucose sensor.“Sensium” which is worn like a plaster and transmits radio signals to your smartphone. The equipment is intended to be much less costly with a battery to last over a year. It will even transmit to your health care advisor.Clinical trials are to start in Europe later this year. There is quite a lot to read on the webat I thought members would be interested to hear of this new development. Sounds like the best one yet. Oh and it will also watch your ECG, heart rae, breathing,CO2, temperature & blood pH! Sounds too good if I’m not allergic to the plaster! I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Brian

I am a French citizenship , living in France and diabetic from 24 years now. Here in France the system from Medtronic, the Guardian real-Time system is not available at all. it is even forbidden to buy it, so Medtronic do not sell it at all.
I found a way to be supplied on consumable by a Luxembourg company. but i need to buy first the Guardian monitor and the mini-link transmitter. Please could you help to find a way to buy in UK. Here in Eastern Europe it is impossible, and medtronic Canada is not allowed to provide me whith goods in France. i need to find a diabetic who will be very king to be an intermediate for me and give me a chance to buy either a brand new one either someone has choose to go for the Paradigm 722/522 pump and want to resale his Guardian monitor.
Please help me. my diabetes is very unstable, and my eyes come more and more injured, I want to use a CGM system may be i will bemore close to 6.5/7 in ACH, currently i am even starting to get scarred to drive my child and have a crash because of low glucose level and not feeling it. Last night again i had 4.27 g of glucose and I did not felt it, in the morning i was nearly in a coma. Please, give me a answer.

thank you very much.