New Column in First Impressions about Google health

Today I got my first article published in > Diabetes. The column will be called “Diabetes Hacker” and will look at web-based technologies and how they can be used to help us in the management of our diabetes.

I am super-excited about this opportunity!!! The first article was about Google Health. Check it out:

I made a reference in the article to the discussion we had about this service a few weeks ago and also referenced the valuable resource that Scott Strumello posted a while back, called Patient Privacy Rights.

We just launched a new poll about Google Health, so you can express your opinion about it. Check it out on the main page of TuDiabetes or visit:

Congratulations, Manny!

great article manny!

“Diabetes Hacker”, I love it :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys!!! It is really exciting.

(and I also love the name of the column… didn’t come up with it, I must say, but I loved it when I heard it. :P)


Going to look at this article NOW…:slight_smile: Good for you Manny…C x