New diabetic and pregnancy

I am 24 yrs old,recently found out that iam a diabetic. I had hashimoto’s hypothyroid since 13 yrs but it is in good control. On diagnosis I had hbA1c of 9 and no symptoms that i noticed only in routine checkup for thyroid my dr found this.3 weeks after diagnosis i found out that i got pregnant still with hba1c of 9. Iam still trying to understand how much insulin i need n such stuff and i also get confused which symptoms are for pregnancy and what for diabetes. My dr wasnt able to point out which type as she said i had characters for both and said she will take it as type 2 for now. I have nobody around me like my case and iam really scared and confused because of pregnancy. Iam getting highs and lows now but its better.Iam on rapid premeal insulin about 4 u and night time nph.even 1/2 unit or walking effects me a lot.i would reaalllyy appreciate any tips or help.
Much thanks.

I recommend seeing a competent endocrinologist and having autoantibody tests performed to determine which type of diabetes you have in order to receive optimal treatment. You should also be seeing a high-risk OB/GYN experienced with diabetes during your pregnancy. I’m pretty sure it is recommended that you maintain an A1c in the 6’s throughout your pregnancy. Good luck with all this, and please let us know how you are doing!

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Hi @ml1,

I totally agree with @rgcainmd. I’m a Type 1 diabetic and on my 4th pregnancy. Its my 2nd T1 pregnancy though, I had 2 kiddos before I was diabetic. Anyway, my A1c for my pregnancies has been 5.7-5.9. You will need to get established with an endocrinologist and a high risk obgyn pronto! :wink: If both are good, they will help you and walk this through with you to get your a1c down and figure out how much insulin you need.
I have hashimotos as well, diagnosed the same time as the Type 1. Its common for autoimmune disorders, which both are, to walk hand in hand together.
The first trimester for blood sugar readings is quite unstable- lots of ups and most downs (lows). I highly recommend you get on a pump and CGM. I’m on Medtronics, but really it doesn’t matter what kind/make/model you just need the help to stabilize your blood sugars. Plus, there is research proving that women that are on insulin pumps use less insulin during the whole duration of their pregnancy. This can result in better stabilization of blood sugars (and tracking it) for your baby who isn’t diabetic and potentially for baby’s weight.

The guidelines for blood sugars are very tight and do seem unreasonable at times, but I promise you its for your health and the babies that they are this way. Once you get the hang of what your body needs, you will master it. You have to keep at it though. Pregnancy for diabetics is a marathon, not a sprint. Its about finding what works for you and then unfortunately, it will change again and again and you got to find your sweet spot again (no pun intended). :smile: I also recommend meeting with a registered dietician.

Its very easy to get overwhelmed. Break down your issues or problems. Take care of one, then tackle the next one, the next and so on. You can do this! :relaxed:

Always ask questions! No question is ever a dumb one for a new diabetic. You are learning.
Give yourself some grace in this whole process. You will mess up, its inevitable. The important thing is to not beat yourself up too much, learn from your mistakes, and get back on the horse and try again, again, and again. You get the point.

You always have this site as a resource. Many people on here are so helpful.

Best wishes,


Thanks soo much for ur help you people are so nice :slight_smile: i will ask my endo about pump and cgm.iam seeing dietician,endocrinologist and high rish ob/gyn.i was following the diet and had highs and lows but now iam 7 weeks pregnant and continuosly vomiting my dietitian told me to forget about carbs that i should be eating and try to keep anything down like fluids.iam trying to take carbs with fluids such as apple juice which btw also dosent stay down.when i dont take carbs iam just scared about ketones.hope everything works out fine.

hey @ml1 - I hope you feel better soon! It’s true - first trimester is rough, and it’s all about survival. Do the best you can, and do what you need to do to get through the day.

I am 16 weeks pregnant, type 2 - I see an endocrinologist and high risk OBGYN. They’ve had really helpful suggestions for me. Once you get your nausea under control, it will be easier to follow the guidelines that @busybee mentioned.

Glad to hear your update @ml1.
I have been there on the not being able to keep stuff down. Saltines were with me all the time. Try to keep your stomach filled with something, not completely full but filled with something. I would stay away from apple juice for now. I would go for diet ginger ale, diet whatever works for you. I also have great experience with seltzer water flavored or not. This worked immensely well for me. Stick to dry english muffins and/or toast. Dry as in eat it plain or eat it with just butter for some fat.
I would also get ginger candies, they did increase my BGs but they did help.
If I think of anything else, I will let you know.
This is a hard patch, but you will make it through. For most women, this phase ends at the end of the 1st trimester or at the beginning of the 2nd.


Thanks😊 also i didnt start taking prenatal vitamins till 10 week and just started taking it.should i be concerned and can i do anything about it?

Do not stress. Consult a good doctor, find out which type of diabetes you have and treat accordingly.

I know it is quite old post. I am really worried and constantly having this high and low. I have been diabetic for past 8 years. Currently I am 24 and around 7 weeks pregnant.

I would be really grateful if you could tell me how did your pregnancy go.