New Endocrinologist Search - Chicago Area

Looks like my fears have been realized: My endo has decided to retire! :cry:

So, I (once again) an looking got a new endo. My current endo will, give me referral(s) at my next (last) visit with him, but I figure that I’d better start the search NOW, so that I will be able to see someone on time for what would be my June appointment – and on time for all the prior approvals that my insurance will no doubt required once again come July 1!

I like my current doctor because he’s open-minded, works with each patient according to their individual needs, and is willing to try new (and old) treatment options when other choices are not reasonably satisfactory. My current doctor also sees that my control, thus far, has been good, and supports me in managing my treatment plan – rather than give orders and expect “compliance.” Te visits with this doctor have been supportive and non-judgemental – usually he asks me what I need/want in terms of lab orders or prescriptions.

My last endo considered my a “difficult” patient and recommended I find someone with “greater expertise.” I suppose I’m in search of a doctor who is “smarter than me.” :wink:

Any recommendations? I live on the North Side of Chicago and work far north in North Chicago, so I am not sure how happy I’d be to go down to Univ. of Chicago, or even downtown – though I may have no choice…

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I have no suggestions for you, Thas, but I just wanted to say that I feel badly about you losing your great endo. Finding a great endocrinologist is like finding a great spouse: very difficult but worth the effort, and once you find one you should hold on to her/him for life. Good luck with your search!

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Hi @Thas!
Any thoughts @acidrock23 or @Duck_Fiabetes? I know you’ve been working with a few…

I’m sorry you’re going through the dreaded “endo hunt” @Thas! They almost seem elusive at times!

these aren’t all that new topics, but they name names

I recently chose a new endo and I selected one working at a university diabetes center. I’ve had both good and bad results using this as a screening element. The endo I selected wasn’t able to make it to my first appointment due to inclement weather but the fill-in doc was the head of the department.

In thinking about what I wanted, I decided that Rx support was important to me. I need a doctor who has good staff that has the patience and tenacity to deal with all the trials and tribulations that the pharmacy benefit managers can dish out. I also value a doctor that will back me up with letters of medical necessity and prior authorizations, as needed. It’s not my fault that our system is so screwed up and I certainly don’t want a doctor to blame me for his/her frustration. It frustrates me, too.

I concluded that I didn’t need support with blood sugar management as I have a pretty good handle on that at the moment. I primarily just need to keep the insulin and supplies flowing and I’ll be happy.

One of the benefits of choosing a university diabetes center is that they are currently involved in artificial pancreas studies so they will be somewhat familiar with the technology I’m currently using.

Sorry I can’t offer some specific recommendation. Isn’t Northwestern University in your relative location? Good luck; I hope you find someone suitable.

I’ve thought about that. Two that come to mind are Northwestern university and the University of Chicago – Problem with both of those is location - Northwestern’s medical center is in downtown Chicago and the university of Chicago is on the south side – so I’d be travelling quite a bit to and from visits. Will complicate things for me, I think.

That was another of the nice things about my current endo - his office is not close to my home, but is located halfway on my long commute to work. May not find quite an ideal solution again…

I’m not sure about the North Shore, my Doc is in Lisle.

I live in Algonquin, my Endo is in Arlington Hts. and Barrington. I am very happy with him, a bit tough to see though, Suburban Endocrinology, Dr. Daniel So. There are others in the practice, but he is worth the wait. He spends as much time as you need each appointment.

Best of luck!

I’m in Palatine, waaaaay out from Chicago but finding a good endo has been so hard that I was willing to drive to the University of Chicago to see someone I could work with. I have seen Dr. Zeytinoglu at the Kovler Diabetes Center twice now.


  • The doctor shows up on time!
  • I get as much time as I need. Since I’m very new to all this, I’ve been averaging 2.5-3 hours.
  • She discusses the nitty gritty details with me, and let’s me talk things through when I disagree. If I change my mind and want to do something other than what she recommended, she accepts it and we work on how I want to deal with things.
  • She works with the latest technologies, so I have access to someone who knows CGMs and pumps.
  • The different people all talk to each other. I sit in a single room and the nurse, doctor, CDE, counselor all come to me, chatting with each other outside the room to catch up. When I spoke with my doctor about doing low carb and how the nutritionist wanted me eating more, she made sure the nutritionist knew that I was doing something different.
  • The CDE is super friendly and knows her tech. She gave me her email so I could ask questions in-between visits.


  • I have found it hard to reach the doctor between visits. I will leave a message with the nurses, or on their mychart website and never hear back. But with the direct line to the CDE, things are getting better.

Will have to see. Some years ago, i consulted with Dr., Weiss at U of C (he’s moved away since), but he went off in a completely wrong direction with me. I don’t know if they’ll take me on as a patient now or not. Will have to consider it and try – though the 2-hour+ drive tor visits is a bit off-putting for me (Just did that drive for 2 weeks when my mother had surgery there!).