What do you look for in an endocrinologist?

So I recently moved (more or less permanently) to a new city and state and I’m trying to decide which endocrinologist to go with. I tried just going with the one in the same building as my current pcp, but frankly, he’s only in that building one day a week anyways and I’d still have to travel downtown to see him occasionally. I was wondering what your criteria have been for selecting an endo. What things have made you more willing to go to see your endo, and have you ever picked someone but later regretted your decision?

Hello! I am looking for a new one. One that has real hours not limitied hours like three days a week. I understand that families are important. But with this kind of profession you need to be available more days and hours. Not like 24/7. But more like a doctors office NOT! a bank or fast food job.And espeilly working in the DIABETIES!!! field. Well best of luck. diabetcidol94

Honestly, I’ve gone off word of mouth. When I switched from pediatric endo (when I left for college - yeah, I know), I took his advice for where to go next. I spent about 5 or 6 years with the adult endo and got started on pump therapy under his watch, etc. But I found him (and his CDE) too rigid and condescending at times. When I switched again, it was because a friend who had been having the same complaints as me had moved to a new doc and swore by her. With that doc, she was able to start on a pump when my doc hadn’t let her and was able to acheive a healthy A1c and get pregnant after 30 years of Type 1. Her description of the new doc was that she was supportive and brilliant. (The word awesome might have been used several times.) Those are the traits I needed most. I need someone who follows new technological trends, who understands that no one’s diabetes is cookie-cutter (BIG issue for me), and who sets goals alongside me and challenges me supportively to meet those goals. I need empowerment and I need her to listen. And I have it currently in my superwoman endo. She is truly awesome.

Now would be a good time to ask around at work or school or at another specialist’s office. Who do people recommend? Here in Dallas, someone’s always recommending someone - rather it’s a plastic surgeon or an ENT. It’s easy to find who the popular docs are here. We have a magazine called D Magazine that does a yearly spread on who the “it” surgeons and specialists are at the area hospitals. Perhaps look into an “associates” type practice where there are multiple endocrinologists whose resources are pooled. That’s how mine is. With like 7 doctors and at least as many educators, you have a choice for whom you see on either count.

Personally, I’d drive 50 miles to see an endo with whom I really clicked.

Hello! I look for knowledge! I want to be able to learn from my Endo! I have been blessed throughout my Diabetes to have had 2 great Endo’s who understand type 1.5/LADA. It’s funny…You know the Endo who helped contribute to pumping insulin? that’s my Endo:) Good luck ask question’s and ask people around the city you live in…

Referrals are always great - when you can get them. For me, moving to a new city (several times) I knew nobody, much less anyone with diabetes, and forums like this one weren’t around so I couldn’t ask online. So I basically looked through my health plan and picked someone who seemed close to my home. I look for affiliation with a good, well-known hospital as well. When choosing my current endo, I found someone who had some sort of certification as a diabetes physician, but when her schedule was full and she wasn’t taking any new patients, I went with someone else in her practice.

Make absolutely sure that they are an ENDOCRINOLOGIST and that they SPECIALIZE in Diabetes. Don’t take it for granted – I found a doctor who specialized in diabetes, but during my first appointment, I learned that he was an internist, not an endocrinologist.

I found one of my doctors after being brought to the ER with severe hypoglycemia. I decided I liked this doctor better than my regular one (plus, he was much closer to home) so I stuck with him for several years.

Good luck! It’s always intimidating putting your health in the hands of a stranger.