New England Cycling Partner(s)

I've been having a rough year so far and on my road to recovery (no pun intended) I plan on putting cycling into the mix.

Problem is, I don't feel so confidant as I have in the past riding alone.

I live in Massachusetts, and cycle between Bedford to Arlington on the rail trail. I'd love to cycle with someone, anyone, so as to take the weight off my shoulders and not feel the anxiety I was feeling from riding alone.

That being said I'll probably stop frequently to check my sugar and to eat every once in a while. I'm having many lows even after seeing my doctor and adjusting my insulin levels.

Let me know if you'd like to join me!

Wish I lived out there with you bro. I'd ride with you and stop and test at the same time you did. Alas, I'm in Utah.

+1 to jeffojeda. We rode a bit on rail trails on Cape Cod a couple of years ago and it was a blast! I'm near Chicago though and no plans to go east anytime soon. I like biking as its easier to lug meters, etc. along with you!