New FREE diabetes Iphone application for kids with type 1

Our firm -Panarea Software- is proud to announce the release of “The body and type 1 diabetes: A guide for kids and their families”. This is the first Iphone/Ipod Touch Application specifically designed for kids with Type 1 diabetes.

With this educational application, children with Type 1 diabetes will have fun while learning how to monitor and manage their condition. This innovative application uses content developed by diabetes experts, animated graphics, engaging audio and a number of interactive activities.

This is a FREE application.

We’d like to invite you to download “The body and type 1 diabetes: A guide for kids and their families” by clicking here

We look forward to hearing your feedback!





I downloaded it the other day and will let you know what we think!

Thanks, we’re hoping to get a lot of feedback to make the future releases of the app more useful for kids with type 1 diabetes.