New group for ANY Type 2

This is a group for anyone diagnosed with Type 2, whether on diet and exercise, oral meds, or insulin. Meant to discuss any topic that is of concern. Look up Type 2 on the search for groups and you will find it. Feel free to talk about anything that is meaningful to you about Type 2, both positive and negative. Hoping to see you there!

At what point can a type 2 stop worrying he/she might be LADA some day? three years? six years? No, i haven't got the anti bodies testing yet. BG control really good and I think if I got a negative antibody test(s), I'd just think there aren't enough antibodies to register until more time passes and my BG gets worse. There is NO family history of diabetes and I'm skinny.

Well, according to what I have heard, some 20% of T2s are antibody positive, so perhaps never. Some proportion of non-diabetics are antibody positive, so I guess they should worry too. Even if you are LADA/T1, antibody levels don't predict how fast your diabetes progresses. From what I have heard, historically, the average time from LADA diagnosis to full insulin dependency is on average 6 years, but given the horrible rate of misdiagnosis, I suspect the average is longer than that. Now if that doesn't confuse the whole issue and give credence the "Weird Diabetes" theory, I don't know what will.

Well, technically.... Anyone susceptible to an autoimmune attack can suffer it at any time. Regardless if they are already a Type 2... and have been a Type 2, for ages. So... while it would be kind of odd and rare, it's not impossible.

Now, someone truly being a LADA and being confused for a Type 2... Sometimes honeymoon phases can go as long as 7 years, and confuse someone into thinking that they truly are a Type 2 (if no antibody testing is being done, for example.) In many situations, tests are just barely there on the "normal" targets, and would eventually be shown to have degraded when retested later.

In all honesty, ALL persons who present any Diabetes symptoms should go through antibody testing regardless of their body type and age... There are thin Type 2 Diabetics as well as there are Obese Type 1 Diabetics. One should not cheat people out of proper medical care based on a visual review of someone.

I really wish that medical organizations worldwide were more organized about this. *sigh*

I agree with the previous answers by bsc and DWQ, but I think the really important thing is that you get appropriate treatment, with an endo who is responsive to your BG goals, no matter what it takes to get there.If you don't need insulin at this point, more power to you! :-)

That said, if you have no family history and are skinny, it is very possible that you ARE LADA -- and if you are not already on insulin, it might well soon be necessary. Why don't you just go ahead and get the antibody tests? It might make you feel better! And give you a concrete plan for the future.