New guy from Oklahoma

Hi all,
I’m Tony, diagnosed as type 1 at the age of 10, (37 years now!), have been on the pump since 2002. I lost my left eye in 92, but still have good vision in the right. On New Years eve 2004 I had a bicycle accident, breaking my right femur… It took the bone a full year to heal, but while healing I also developed neuropathy in both legs. The Doc says that the neuropathy isn’t due to my Diabetes, although it certainly didn’t help things, but due to the accident. I also have neuropathy in both arms/hands.

My hobbies include genealogy, photography (love those old 35mm cameras!), web page design, and ham radio. (My call sign is KD5AFE). I also collect straight razors (I also use them), shaving mugs, brushes, strops, mirrors and soap (can’t have enough razors or shaving soap lol).

Prior to becoming disabled I worked as the cutting dept in a small silk-screen shop. (I ran two machines-the die cutter and the paper shear and also made deliveries when things were slow).

Because of my handlebar moustache and eye patch I’m quite often referred to as a “pirate” by young kids, and as “cap’n” by my adult friends online. I’ll answer to anything lol.

I’m looking forward to getting to know y’all.

Howdy Cap’n!! Nice to meet you!! I knocked some teeth out in one bike wreck and chopped 1/4 of my ear off in another one but an fx femur wins!! OUCH!!

Welcome! Not nearly as interesting as you but I’m sure have much in common with me, T1 for 36 years!

I called my own ambulance and a couple of friends to let them know what was happening. They told me that from where I landed (I flew/rolled down a ditchline) was 25 feet from where my bike was. Said I must’ve been clocking 40 mph, coasting downhill. I wound up spending about 3 weeks in the hospital, developing “white out” or pneumonia, the Dr’s weren’t sure which.

I think we all lead interesting lives, it just seems that sometimes doesn’t appear that way from our own perspective.

36 years is a loong time, (for diabetes)…have you ever sat back and thought of the changes in diabetes care that we’ve seen over the years?

Yeah! I remember no glucometers, just urine test strips, I assume for ketones. No disposable insulin pens, just vials and syringes ( but at least they were disposable). No pumps, ( at least as common as they are now) no CGM’s. It’s amazing that I’m still as healthy as I am! :slight_smile:

yep, I remember Tes-Tape, and the ketone pills that came in a kit that looked like something from a laboratory, with the glass tube and dropper. lol My pediatrician wouldn’t put me on a pump, even tho they had them. He had had one patient die right after putting her on the pump and he said not another one.
It was the early 80’s before I got my first glucometer, and it had to be purchased through the hospital, now we can go to the corner store and pick one up.