New here, but not to diabetes


My name is Mark, and the Phoebe add-on is for my sweet little English Bull Terrier, who’s almost like a daughter to me.

I was diagnosed as T1 in 1980, and like an idiot didn’t take care of myself for nearly 20 years. However, I’ve been massively lucky, and show very few signs of neuropathy (a little numbness in toes), and my eyes (thank heavens) were recently tested and came back as “excellent.”

I use the Omnipod pump and the Dexcom G5 CGM, and found both of them really improved my control. They’re definitely worth the effort of learning to use. They’re real life-changers.

Thanks for the welcome!



Welcome, @Mark_amp_Phoebe!

As does my son, and we agree - improved control and worth the effort to learn!

Welcome😊 I use a tslim and dexcom. They’ve saved my life many times. Being able to shut off, decrease and increase basal is a huge game changer. And although dexcom is frequently wildly innacurate for me it has still warned me of bad lows and highs many times and it allows me to monitor what is going on.

hey Mark,

Welcome to the site. Pleased to hear your dragon is “playing nice”. Look forward to hearing more.

Welcome to the community, Mark. I share your enthusiasm for using an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor or CGM. Watching my CGM has given me the best education on how my glucose metabolism works. I think everyone with diabetes, if they can, should give serious consideration to using a CGM. Even short term or intermittent use provides valuable and actionable information.