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Hi, I am 22 years old from China, now live in Melbourne, Australia. Was DX in 2003, around 10 years ago on the first day to my junior school.
D life is so tough in China, as anything is covered by insurance. For the families which are not rich enough, they can hardly afford a pump even the supplies. They only do few BG tests a day or a week. Most of T1 people I know are still having two shots (long-effect and short-effect mix insulin) a day to control their BG. The worst thing is, very poor Diabetic education and knowledge. The targets of doctor is to control your BG instead of controlling your BG within normal range. Before I came to Australia, I don't even know how to count the carbs. And we don't have nutrition label on food. (So no carbs control on diet for years) We don't have regular visits for the doctor unless we felt something wrong, and no regular health check (like hlbc) as there are too many people in China and the medication resource are very limited. The consequence is some T1 developed several complications after 15 years of their DX and only few people can survived up to 30's kind of sad.
Due to the Chinese one child policy, I am the only child in my family. This disease is making my parents guilty and sorrowful, and me sometimes feel upset as well. In a conserved country, no much people understand this, we are unwilling to share or tell as we are afraid of discrimination on work, education and relationship. I think one reason is that the Asian people are not such prone to get T1. I once known from newspaper that a teenager was refused by university in China as the university think T1D is a serious circulation disease. Eventually, I found I am so alone as I feel I am very different.
(Sorry that my English is not very good.)
And I just got some issue with my BG. I am on pump, my BG is between 90-120 for the last two days since I change my site, but yesterday something was wrong, my BG is up to 180 even if I have bolus to correct it but it's still the same after hours (still around 180). It seems like the insulin is not working and I don't known why.

Have you tried changing your site again Mr.C sometimes sites are just bad sites. I was having trouble with sites going bad after a couple of days. I think I have solved the problem by switching to a different type infusion set.

I'm glad that you have found your way to Australia because it sounds like health care for diabetics is not so good in China.

By the way your English is good enough. I know some native English speakers that don't do as well.

Thanks Stem, I have changed the site and found blood clot underneath. Hope everything is going to be ok. And I am just a student in AU, although don't have anything covered but at lease life is easier here than in China.

Hi Mr.C, and welcome to the TuDiabetes family! Your English is great, much better than my Chinese!

I'm always interested to hear how life is for Ds in other countries. It sounds VERY difficult in China. I'm glad you had the opportunity to go to Australia.

We all feel upset and overwhelmed sometimes, you (and your parents) are not alone. Here at TuDiabetes you are definitely not alone!

Please stop into our chat room some time. There is usually someone there to talk about D, or life in general ;)

Mr. C, welcome to TuD. This is a place you can feel like you are at home with other Diabetics from all over this crazy big world. I'm very sad to hear how difficult diabetes is in China. I assumed there would be universal medical coverage there, so that is my ignorance. Personally, with the difficulties you have had I think you are doing great!

Yes, sometimes blood forms under the site and that would account for your blood sugar going up. But few of us can stay routinely between 90 and 120, so you must be doing something right. As for your English, I wish all my Community College students here in California wrote as well!

I always get nervous when I take care of it (I mean be strict on everything), but it is still out of “normal” range (90-120). My D nurse said I should keep my BG level higher as I am living by myself. I once felt upset and get my BG down to 21 but didn’t feel any symptoms. Sometimes I just scared of developing complications, and felt sad and unlucky for being a D.

I live alone as well, but don't believe in purposely keeping my BG high. Doctors tend to worry a lot about lows, but less about highs. I don't like either one! Instead I test frequently enough to keep track of and treat lows. I was diagnosed at an older age, and can't imagine how it feels being young and having to deal with Type 1. But all we can do is try and manage it so we can live our lives and be healthy and enjoy the rest of life like everyone else does.