I just started on this site yesterday. I was on the ADa site, but it is a real mess and there is no real advice anymore. So sad, because it was a great help to me for many years.

I am a T1 and have had it for 47 years. I have a minimed paradigm pump (I hope to get a Revel soon)and I use a CGM. My last A1C was 5.6, which I am very proud of! It used to hover around 5.1, which is way too low, so I have been trying to relax about my BGs a bit.

I have a great husband (35 years in May) who helps me so much. He is great about letting me travel alone (although it scares him, I know), and other things that he wishes I would not do, but he lets me retain my freedom.

I am glad to be here and hope we can all help each other. It is disease like no other, but it is controlable, which is all I ask.

Nice to meeet you! Kick off your shoes get a cup of coffee (if you drink it anything else if you don’t) kick back and relax and read all the blogs posts Forum and such!

Hi There: :slight_smile:

Well, now you’re in the TuD Family, so as Doris says, kick back and enjoy.
47 years with the D. Fantastic! Congrats!

Right off, if you haven’t joined already then you could join the 5 Club.


I prefer the higher 5’s and mid to lower 6’s. That’s where I am comfy too.
Nothing wrong with that. Welcome!

I want to be in the 5’s. How do you do it?

What have you done to get to your A1c of 6.0? You’re almost in the 5’s already. We all plan our regimens differently to suit us.

I eat small portions of many foods, so that I get all my vits. and minerals. I exercise, have my share of water and also eat some low-carb foods/meals. I do not eat large or even normal size meals normally. Unless we go to a restaurant or are visiting someone and have a meal with them. This way I keep my Insulin dose down, stay healthy, keep at a proper weight and a stable A1c. I like the old saying, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”.
Try not to stress and laugh often. It all helps.

An A1c of 6.0 is Great btw unless it is from too many lows. This happened to me when I had an A1c of 5.3 mainly caused by lows from a drug that I was on at that time, for another disease. Good Luck to you! :slight_smile:

I lean towards the low carb end of the spectrum for how I plan my meals, exercise regularly, and keep pretty meticulous spreadsheets of my blood sugars, carbs, insulin doses etc to help me see trends, make adjustments. I know 6.0 is good, but I want it be as normal as possible. My biggest thing is the lows. I have a hard time maintaining such tight control without having a low once a day or multiple times a day.