New Insulin Vial

I notice when I open a new vial of insulin and eat the exact same meals my numbers always seem to hover around 60-80… Are new refrigerated vials THAT much more potent than the end of the previous vial which has been unrefrigeratored for about a month or 3 weeks?

I do not seem to notice much of a difference. I use a vial about every 15 days. I have kids who would mess with it if I left it outside the fridge so I leave my opened vials there and just make sure I bring it out about 1/2 hour before I need to change out my pump cartridge.

Prior to being on the pump, it was not something I noticed. Now that I am using the same insulin for basal & bolus and probably because of using vials that last longer instead of pens, I do really notice it. I have been having problems with Apidra dying out at about day 10 of the vial so I end up throwing insulin away. It is very frustrating.

I really notice it and make sure that I put my pump site in a “slow” spot when it’s filled with a new vial. That helps even it out.


I notice the increased potency with the new vials as well.

I use about a vial a month and leave it in the fridge between set changes. It seems to have this increased potency for the first two set changes.

Others have offered good suggestions for adjusting for this.