Does Apidra really lose effectiveness after 28 days?

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I think my recent bout of out of control numbers may be due to the fact that I’m finishing up a vial of Apidra that I opened up about 5 weeks and have stored at room temperature ever since. Has anyone else noticed this with Apidra? I used to think that this was all “buy more of our insulin!!” nonsense, but after pump site changes and low carb diets, the 260-300 results are getting to be a little more than I can handle…

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I don’t know about Apidra but I definitely notice a weaker effect in both Novolog and Regular insulin after 28 days. I started changing mine on the first of the month so it’s easier to remember, and I have to be careful not to give myself a hypo on the changeover day.

I don’t know about 28 days on the dot, but it’s definitely around that time. I had some awful lows on my last vial changeover. I was probably giving myself twice as much insulin at the end of my last vial than I needed when I opened the new one. I’ve now learned to write the open date on each vial.

Ok, this is a huge bummer! I had big plans to pull a fast one on my insurance and use the vials for twice as long as my doctor’s generous prescription called for. Now I have to throw out unused insulin. Boo…

Luckily I can still get 'em on the infusion set and reservoir deal!!

I use Apidra for a good two months out of the same vial without any loss of effectiveness, but I always keep it in the fridge. I don’t pump so I don’t know if that is an option for you as I don’t know how the whole pumping process works.


I try to keep my Novolog pen in the fridge when not using it. I have been getting 2 months out of each pen with no significant degradation in strength. By the end of the 2 months, the pen is empty. But I’m currently extracting the last 10 units from a pen with a syringe and they are still working fine.

I reuse the needles but do not leave them on as they leak and that wastes insulin.

Hello all… new to the board. I don’t know about Apidra but I am on Novolog. I feel like I cheat the system because my daughter is Type I also and her Endo wants her to use a new bottle every month… so I just use her old bottles. I rarely have readings over 200, usually low. I like to keep my BS in the 80-120 range but it usually is lower.

So I don’t see any less effectiveness with insulin older than a month.

What is the difference between Novolog and Apidra? I am unfamiliar with that brand of insulin.

I am using Apidra, and I just got the last dosage out of my first vial, but i think a vial wont really last me that long, but so far, as of my last infusion set change,i think it’s still good,no big changes on my BG, i hope not…i keep mine in the fridge though… i think in that way they wont lose their potency…

just my two cents…


what is your insurance company? mine dont pay for any of my pump supplies unless i met my deductible of a thousand dollars… i dunno, but thats what ive heard, not really sure bout this, but im hoping they will coz im kinda worried with the sensor, theyre very expensive… i have read somewhere online that theres a group i think pumpbuddy or somethin like that, if youll be one of them and youll tell them that your insurance dont cover the supplies, they will help you fight for it… i dunno i havent tried to ask them…

Humalog, Novolog, and Apidra are for the most part the same kind of insulin just from different pharmaceutical companies. Apidra is the newest of the three, and is said to be a bit more potent, with a quicker action time and shorter duration. For me, this has proven to be true. I tried Humalog briefly after being on Apidra and found that the Humalog was not as strong and had a tail effect to it. With the Apidra, I take my shot right before I eat and it’s pretty much out of my system in 2 hrs.

are you on pump too…? if you are, what is your active insulin time set on your pump…? just curious…



Sorry, I don’t use a pump. I have a $5000 deductible on my health insurance and I’m managing to keep things under control with shots…at least for now.


My Endo told me that once you open any insulin that it is good for 30 days and then should be tossed in the trash. The two evils for insulin are warm or room temperature and oxygen. Every time you put a needle into the bottle more air is introduced and if it is sitting out at room temp the insulin will begin to lose its effectiveness. I should add that I use Apidra as well.

Just my $.02 cents, Dave

I used Apidra since the 13th june 2007 and I make shot before meals and I keep the pen I used at room temperature, always near 23° celsius. I keep it near 26 days and then I change and everytime I noticed that the new pen works better. I need more units at the end of the pen.


I only use very small doses of Novolog, and I have been able to keep my last 3 pens going for 2 months each until they were all used up. There wasn’t a significant difference between the strength at the beginning of the new pen and the end of the old one.

I keep the pen in the fridge when I’m not using it and avoid carrying it around as I have found that the jogging about can kill pens as can exposure to the heat of the summer.

I am currently using a Lantus pen and finding it lasting for over 1 month, too.

I found my R insulin used to burn out after about 6 weeks, though, no matter how careful i as with it, possibly because it was in a vial and all those needle sticks might introduce foreign stuff into it.


I agree that you probably can get longer than 30 days use. However, this in my opinion is not optimal. I am a little different then you as I use an insulin pump and when I have pushed the 30 day rule I usually have to bolus more and my basals are usually off.

Yes, I have noticed Novolog loses power toward the very end of the month. That is why we now keep it in the butter compartment of the fridge even when opened. Don’t like having to wait until it gets to room temp when it’s time to change cartridges on her pump but since I have been doing this, it has improved shelf life. I don’t know if this will work for Apidra. Apidra would spoil faster than Novolog.